Confession to God Brings Cleansing Comfort

I speak to you this day and I tell you: Let gratitude be within your hearts for the mercies you receive. It is important that you understand the cleansing comfort that is meant to be yours through confession. When My people will be aware of the cleansing of confession, they will not keep bottled up within themselves the things that need to be confessed to Me.

It is not My intention that those who are Mine would believe that they commit no sin. Rather, it is My intention that My people would, as the Holy Spirit convicts them, confess their sins and be cleansed of the unrighteousness that troubles them. When true confession is made to Me, then I forgive, and My people know how sweet it is to be cleansed and comforted by being sincere with Me.

I do not desire My people to be religious hypocrites who are putting on a vain show of pretentious righteousness to be seen by others. Such as these are full of the self-righteous pride that is merely religious and not what I desire and require of My own. Those who are Mine are meant to be real in their relationship with Me. That means that I do not find pleasure in them when they are pretending to be something that they are not.

I find pleasure in the ones who are being sincere and honest in their relationship to Me and not covering nor bottling up the sins they need to confess and repent of. Far too many of those who are claiming to be Mine are simply religious but not truly righteous. This is because they are neglecting the basic principle of repentance which was declared by the prophets and established through the ministry of My Son Jesus.

Keeping this in mind, be quick to repent and turn from those things that are wrong in My sight. That is, do not persist in sin nor continue in the way of transgression and imagining that you are covering the same. No one can hide their sins from Me, and the ones who are believing they do are deceived within themselves.

There is no reason to live in deception then believe that I am likewise deceived by the pride and pretension so common among those who say they are Christian yet their deeds are blatantly sinful. Be aware that when you are doing what I desire and require, then you are found well pleasing. The truth will set you free and bring you into greater relationship with Me as the truth expands your understanding of My ways. Know that My ways are higher than your ways, and as you are adhering to the same, you will be uplifted given vision to see.

You will not be as the blind who are being led by deceiving spirits and end in the ditch. Rather, you will be led by My Holy Spirit and brought forth, enabled to rejoice that I am indeed omnipresent and ever available to My people when they admit their need of Me. Know of a surety that it is a good thing to be able to humble yourselves to Me and confess the things that trouble you. Confession does not absolutely always pertain to sin. There are times when confession includes the things that are troubling, vexing, and heaviness on your heart.

You will be thankful for the ministry of the Holy Spirit as the same will prove to be the Comforter when you are needy and confess the same. Be glad that you have the indwelling Spirit with you and in you and that you are not alone. Remember that My Son left to His disciples the Holy Spirit that they would not be alone once He ascended back to Me. Therefore, know that I have made provision for you as My people that you too can have the indwelling Spirit to guide you forth by a plain path and direct you in the way that is My intention for you. Be glad that it is Me that you serve with rejoicing each day, for I do not withhold any good thing from you.

Sad to say, there are multitudes who go to hell because they do not open up their hearts when My Spirit is sent to them to draw them to My Son Jesus. Instead, they harden their hearts and stiffen their necks and believe that somehow they will get all they need on their own. Because their confidence is in themselves, they are continually bowing to the god of self and are taken down by the same. Yet, rather than admit they need help, their independent pride leads them down the hard and lonely road that is the course of those who are believing that they are great.

They are the ones who prefer their pride to the humility way that I provide for human beings to walk by. Because they are indeed lovers of themselves, they are continually deceived and taken deeper into the darkness of deception that they have chosen as their way of life. Sad to say, their way of deception leads to their own destruction and damnation of soul.

There are many in these times who are as insane as Legion, for they are full of demon powers and are deranged. They howl, they crawl, they cut themselves, they visit graves and get more demons. What is the purpose of such ones inasmuch as they have become vessels of dishonor and they are filled with vile and unclean spirits which direct them in the way of the damned?

Their purpose is established by their choices, and they have chosen against Me and sought for the way of destruction by their adherence to demons. It is a shame that people would rather be driven insane by demon powers than to submit to My Spirit and follow Me. I find no pleasure in such ones, for they are destined to be damned and undergo agony forever.