God Did Not Create People to Listen to the Devil

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Remain true to Me, for I alone am the One who is meant to bear rule over you in respect of your life in Me. When you see the ones who will try to devastate your relationship to Me, do not be in fellowship with them whereby you reveal your life with Me. This is because such ones as these are vile in My sight and you are precious, and I do not intend for you to be participating in their madness.

When I created men and women, I created them to be in union, communion with Me. I did not create humankind to be enthralled with darkness and to be found in communication with the wicked one. However, when Adam and Eve entered into transgression, they took themselves far from Me and into the bog of sin. Needless to say, those who are found in the bog of sin only sink deeper and deeper in the same.

I do not call you to sink. I call you to be uplifted and rejoicing for the life that will uplift you and bring you forth, ever enabled to continue in the way of righteousness. Never did I the Living God purpose you for those things that the enemies want to destroy you with. Therefore, stay alert and alive to the very fact that far too many have chosen sin and are sinking in the same because they have listened to the devil and his demons.

Actually, you must become selective as to what you listen to and as to what you will obey. There are endless voices in the world whose source is demons. Such as these are continually calling for any who will listen to them and obey. Realize that you are not intended to obey demon powers, for they are indeed highly destructive and will cause you much sorrow and suffering.

When Eve chose to listen to the devil, little did she foresee the consequences of lending her ears and her actions to the evil one’s enticements. The seduction of sin will always use enticements that will appeal to the carnal nature and the lusts found in the same.

Know that when My people will be made aware of the warfare, then they are able to choose that which I intend for them. Not all will choose according to instruction in godliness, for some will choose the way of transgressors and go in the broad way that is not intended for the ones who are Mine. When it appears to you that things are impossible, know that I the Living God will make the way for you and that you do not have to go in the broad way and by the same be destroyed.

My Spirit will be ever present with you and you will be guided forth by a plain path and given the pursuit of My purposes in your lives. Be thankful that you are not intended to pursue the world and the vanities and deceptions found in the same. Those who claim to be Mine, yet are busy about those things that I do not intend nor ordain, are following after folly and prove that they are completely deceived.

Be serving in the attitude of gratitude that you do not have to be in slavery to demonic powers and taken under the spell of the same. When you really consider that you have been extracted from the prison house of sin, be thankful each day unto Me. It is indeed a great privilege to be redeemed and saved from the wrath that I am displaying in these times. When you are indeed choosing according to the way that I intend, you are choosing to be in the way that is eternal life.

When you see how angry I am with those who have refused and despised the call to repent, you will know that I am justified in all that I do against them. It is sad when people have grown so proud and rebellious and they stubbornly refuse to repent and bring such wrath as I am displaying at this time on themselves and their offspring. Realize the importance of humility and walk in that humility day by day. There is no good thing that I will withhold from the ones who walk uprightly, for it is My desire to give goodness and mercy to My own.

Continue as a people who are walking circumspectly, respecting Me as the God who is Supreme and the One who is meant to be respected and obeyed. This is not the time to flirt with the world and the evils found in the same. This is the time to be selective in what it is that you choose to look to as your source of instruction and direction. My Spirit is with you and in you, and if you are paying heed to My Spirit, you will not find yourselves in the bog of sin. You will find yourselves in the powerful presence of the truth and desiring more of the same.

Those who are hungering and thirsting after righteousness will be filled, for I the Living God do not withhold anything from the ones who are walking uprightly. There are many ways that seem right to people, yet those ways are full of wickedness and evil. Do not be deceived by the suggestions and seductions of demon powers. Resist, refuse and rebuke those enticing and alluring powers, and submit yourselves to My Spirit, and those enemy forces will find no place of habitation in you. Do not be covered by your carnal mind. Be covered by My Spirit mind, for the same is ever present to direct you in the purposes and the plans that I do give to you.

There are choices that you must make every day. Direct your choices according to righteousness rather than sin. My people are not meant to be full of sin and corruption. They are meant to be full of righteousness and obedience, because I am the God they serve and choose each day.