Gossip and Backbiting Bring Disunity

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Do not lend your tongues to speaking evil. Rather, keep your focus upon Me as the One you are meant to serve with gladness each day. Far too often, My people lend their tongues to the evil one without considering the consequences of the same. You are not meant to do such, for the same is undermining of My purposes and intentions for My people.

Know of a surety that the devil loves to bring disunity and disturbance among the ones who are Mine. One of his favorite tactics is to get My people giving themselves to gossip and backbiting against each other. When My people are quarreling among themselves, then they are not able to do that which I ordain. Rather, they are veered off of their focus and are not fulfilling My purpose and My call for their lives. Remember that you are not meant to be pleasing the enemy forces; you are meant to be pleasing Me.

I have not intended for you as My people to be caught up in worrying about what is wrong with others and not focusing on what it wrong with you. When the demonic forces fill you with mistrust and hatred for your brothers and sisters in Me, know that you have partaken of the filthy waters of corruption. My waters are clean and pure, and they will wash and cleanse you of all unrighteousness and bring you forth enabled to rejoice, because your mouths will be filled with praises unto Me.

Absolutely do not fear for tomorrow, for it is Me the Living God who does provide for the ones who are My people, and I do bring them forth in the pathway that is My righteousness and holiness. There are many ways that seem right to men, yet those ways are not My ways. My ways are spotless, pure and clean. When My people lend themselves to the fears that beset the heathen, then they are a grief to Me. This is because they are not trusting in Me as their source and the One who bears rule over them.

Very often, the root of gossip and backbiting is fear. That is, because My people are fearful, they pick at each other rather than joining together in unity and praying to Me for My mercies and My goodness to be provided to them. Consider how important it is that you partake of My mercies because you are seeking Me and not yielding to the demonic tactics that are sent to undermine and destroy you as My people. When it is Me that you keep your focus upon, you are led forth by a plain path, and you are given exactly what you have need of in every circumstance and situation.

Be glad even this day that you can give yourselves to trust in Me rather than the fears that will bring disunity and disturbance. Do not play into the hands of the enemy forces, neither give way to the tactics that will cause you great sorrow. I do not want you to be full of sorrow because you have followed after the leading of demons rather than My Holy Spirit.

There is no doubt that the times you are in are full of uncertainty, because I the Living God am ventilating My wrath, fury and indignation against those who are set against Me. Because of the stubbornness of pride and rebellion against Me, multitudes are experiencing My wrath. However, do not assume that I am unjust, for when people choose to deliberately rebel against Me, they are inviting their own troubles and sorrows.

Know that you are privileged to be on the side of My mercies. Therefore, be glad each day that you can and do partake of those mercies in abundance because I care for you and guide you forth by a plain path. I do not neglect to care for those who have given themselves to Me. I uplift them and guide them forth in My righteousness and truth. Be rejoicing that you do not have to feed on lies. Rather, you can feed on the truth that is given to you through My Holy Spirit.

In times such as these, do not let the wicked forces convince you that I have evil intended for the just. I do not. My intentions for those who walk uprightly are goodness and mercy. Know that you do not need to live in the dread of tomorrow. Rather, you can rejoice for the day at hand because it is the day that I have made for you. Do not quit praising Me and giving thanks for the privilege you have through Jesus Christ, My Son, to be redeemed from the penalty of the sins you committed.

Realize that you have been given the commission and the command to tell others of His forgiveness mercies that are available to all who will repent and turn from their wicked ways. Therefore, do what you are called to do and you will not be seduced into the gossiping geese who are sticking their long necks into affairs that are not their own. When you are indeed undergirding and encouraging your brothers and sisters in Me as well as proclaiming My Son to the lost, you will be found well pleasing.

As those who have put their hands to the plow, do not look back, neither be afraid for what is ahead. Instead, be busy about My business, trusting and hoping in Me. Do not be ruled by the times, by demons, or by fears. Be ruled by Me, for I do care for you. My Spirit will lead, guide, command, and direct you in the way that is right and the truth that is intended for you to walk in each day.

The more that you walk in obedience to My desires, the less tasty gossip and backbiting will appear to you, inasmuch as you will see those things as the tactics of demons. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude, because you are serving Me, the Most High God who reigns supreme.