Choose Right, Walk in God’s Light

I speak to you this day because you are My people and I do care for you, and I tell you quite clearly that I do provide for you. Therefore, do not be fretting over what you have or want to have in this life. Rather, store your treasures in heaven in preparation for the things that are yet to come. Do not weary yourselves with those things that the heathen are stressed by every single day. Rather, be thankful that through Me you are richly and abundantly provided for, as I do not neglect the ones who are looking to Me.

Now the realities of life at this time are very severe for those who have no desire for Me and literally have mocked and scoffed My people. Such as these have found themselves unable to pursue the righteousness that is intended for them to walk in. This is because they have chosen for the devil and his demons rather than Me. Inasmuch as they are captives, they obey the commands of the demonic spirits and scoff the commands of the Holy Spirit and consequently are vile in their behaviors.

I do not intend that you would be a partaker of their corruption. I intend that you would be partaking of Me as the One who is your source, your strength, your safety. When it is Me that you are looking unto and aligning yourselves with other believers, you do not have to look to the vile as your companions. Your fellowship does not have to be with the damned, but rather your fellowship can be with those who are redeemed.

Be thankful this day that you can look to Me and know that I am the One who is able to bring you forth in the way that I do intend for you to walk in. I do not intend for you to find yourselves under the oppression and the darkness that comes to the ones whose hearts are hard towards Me. You are intended and called to be partakers of the mercies that I do give. Likewise, you are enabled to celebrate the goodness that is found always in Me.

Keeping these things in mind, do not be worn down by the enemy’s continual harassment against you. Realize that I am your never-ending source of strength and the mercy that remains always with you. Be thankful that you can and do partake of those mercies continually, for I do not withhold the same from you in any way.

Each day, be aware that you must choose Me for that day. There are far too many who have chosen for Me in times past, yet do not continue to choose Me. Because of such, they slip away from Me and are taken down in the darkness that will cause them sore distress and bitterness. While in their own minds they assumed themselves to still be in right standing, they are not, because they allowed the enemy to alter their focus and by the same they have slipped away from the pathway of eternal life.

I do not intend that My people would slip away from Me and go after those things that I have never intended for them to be partakers of. Yet, if you stop and take a long look at the nations, what do you see? You see that some are under great misery, suffering, affliction and woe, because they have left My righteousness and taken up the filthiness of continual sin and degradation. I do not find pleasure in those who mock Me by their corruption and unclean behaviors that lead them far from Me.

It is now, and has always been, that sin separates My people from Me, and those who choose sin are choosing to be separated from Me and the power of My presence in their lives. My people of old oftentimes took up the ways of the world and imagined that they could get by with the same. However, they did not get by, for they were involved in the very things I had forbidden.

Because they were looking upon the heathen, they took up the misconduct of the same and became totally wicked in their behavior. Their hearts were hardened and their eyes were full of adultery. Then they suffered the consequences of their choices and could not stop My wrath against them. Such behaviors as they indulged in proved to be their ruination. Then the heathen they assumed to be their friends became their enemies and they were taken into captivity by the same.

You are not meant to follow in the way they went, for they by their choices chose the way of transgressors, and that way was and still is hard. Do not go in the hard way that will lead to your ruination and damnation. Choose My way and be thankful that through Me you can be uplifted in the many mercies that I give to you.

You are not meant to be blindly led along as though there was something to be found by following demonic leadership. You are to keep your vision single unto Me and to follow the leading and commands of My Holy Spirit, which has been given to you that you are kept, guided, and protected in My way. When you remain steadfast in Me, then you will see how much I give to you the infinite mercies that I am able to provide for you.

There are far too many who are following their own minds, giving way to those influences of the world and literally shunning My way, because they have chosen the iniquities that will put them in great distress. You are not meant to be as the foolish who do not seek for My wisdom and guidance.

As My people, you are to seek for divine wisdom, then follow the same, because you are intended to be partaking of the eternal rather than the carnal. Do not sow to the flesh and reap corruption. Sow to My Spirit and reap the life that is eternal and everlasting.