Flirtation and Fornication with the World Bring Damnation

I speak to you this day and I say: Do not alter My Word, nor change the same in order to accommodate your own sins. Those who think that they can establish their own righteousness aside from Me are fools. There are many ways that seem right to men, but those ways are not right before Me, because it is not My intention that people would seek out their own inventions.

If you take a good look at the condition of people in these times, you will see quite clearly the consequences of sin against Me. Those who have followed their own understanding are being multiplied daily. Needless to say, their understanding is corrupted by demonic input and the basic rebellion of the carnal mind against Me.

I do not want My people to be under rebellion, as it will cause them damnation. I want My people keeping My commandments, for in such they will be kept in the way that is My righteousness and My strength. Be thankful that it is Me that you can keep your focus on and follow after each day. Do not be weary in well doing. Rather, keep your focus upon Me, for I am the One who is your strength and your refuge. When you continue to choose Me as the One you are meant to serve with gladness and rejoicing, then are you ever guided by My Spirit. You are not meant to take up other gods nor give yourselves to the ways of the heathen. You are meant to keep dedicated and consecrated to Me as the author and the finisher of your faith.

It is not intended that men, women and children would live their lives in opposition to Me. It is intended that the ones who are Mine would live in consecration, dedication and separation unto Me. When those who are Mine are keeping their first estate in Me, they are found well pleasing. However, when any gets eyes full of adultery for the world and the vanities of the same, they are actually flirting with their own destruction and damnation.

In the days of ancient Israel, they committed spiritual adultery on Me time and again. As they were in flirtation, then fornication with the heathen round about, they greatly grieved Me. They, through their choices and their actions, brought great sorrows to themselves and their generations. Know that they did not go unpunished by Me for their misconduct and rebellion against Me. I sent them repeatedly My prophets calling them to repent, yet they in rebellion and stubbornness refused to repent and return to My way. The consequences of their rebellious refusal to repent were indeed bitter, and they underwent great sufferings as the consequence of their choices against Me.

In these times, the same cruel spirits of rebellion hold multitudes in captivity, and they are found guilty as were My people of old. These ones give themselves to the god of self, then they enter into flirtation, then fornication with the world and the people of the world. They do not take seriously their vows to Me, nor do they keep the same. Instead, they go in the way that is a shame to My Name.

When people do not respect Me, then they likewise lose respect for themselves inasmuch as they slip and slide in the muck and mire of sin and become covered in the filth of the same. It is not My intention that they would perish. They are the ones who by their choices take to themselves the way of damnation. They are devoured by the works of iniquity that are commonly found among the godless. Know that I find no pleasure in those who waste their lives on vanity and bring on their own damnation because they are deceived and lured by the lusts of their own hearts.

Be warned: when you feel your heart lusting for the forbidden, do not follow your heart. Do not allow yourselves to be merely governed by feelings, for the same will take you far from Me. The demon forces are very adept at deceiving multitudes in the realm of feelings. Be alerted to such forces attempting to get you to compromise your integrity in Me by committing those things that are a shame and a disgrace before Me. You are meant to be a people who are consecrated, set apart for My purposes, not your own.

The carnal nature is continually warring against My Spirit and wants to take you back into the captivity that you have been freed of. Therefore, do not be quick to assume that your carnality is guiding you in a good way. No, the guidance of your carnality leads to captivity and slavery to sin. Keep up your guard against your old nature and do not readily agree with your carnal mind. Rather, stay attuned to My Spirit mind, for the same is given to you to walk by and be guided in the new life that you now have through Christ Jesus, My Son. Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude that you are not under your own understanding, nor living in the death prison house of rebellion.

Indeed, you have been given the privilege to be redeemed from the penalty of your sins. Inasmuch as you are now freed from the penalty of the sins you were guilty of, live your lives in thanksgiving and praise, never forgetting nor forsaking Jesus, who has paid the price for you. Do not be as those who are spiritual adulterers. Rather, keep your vows and your commitments to Me. Walk not according to the lusts of the flesh. Instead, walk according to the mind of My Spirit, that you be led forth into greater revelations of the truth. Let it be your lifelong pursuit to know My Son and thereby know Me. For I and the Son are one, and My Spirit is given to guide you into communion with the eternal way wherein We make our abode.