Divine Wisdom Keeps You from Carnal Rebellion

I tell you this day, My people: Do not stop declaring the good news that Jesus Christ, My Son, will forgive and give salvation mercies to all who will come to Him in repentance. As is evident, the world is full of bad news, and the media mediums are ever active to broadcast the same. However, because you know the good news, keep on proclaiming the same.

I do not want people to die hopeless and aimless because they have fed on the bad news that is continually poured out to them. While the majority will run like pigs to the trough to gobble up the slop, I desire that those who know Me would put forth the good news, because the same will bring forth life to the ones who will hear and obey the call to repentance.

I do not call you to estrangement towards Me; I call you to be in compliance and obedience to the instructions and directives of My Spirit. It is the foolish who choose to walk in rebellion against repentance and suffer the consequences of the same. There are multitudes who imagine that they are living their best lives now. However, they are foolish, for while they shun all manner of identity with the truth, they will pay throughout eternity for their defiance and rebellion towards My Son’s call to them.

Be thankful that your eyes have been opened and your ears unstopped that you can hear the call and see with your eyes the way that I intend for you. There are so many who are blinded by the god of this world and do not see the eternal destiny of hell that awaits those who are in rebellion against Me. Likewise, their ears are stopped up that they cannot hear My Spirit, for they only hear the rabble of the world, which is full of corruption and darkness.

Do not imagine that you are some great thing when you are not. Be willing to hear and obey at all times, and do not be listening to the proud discourse of your own carnality. Realize that your carnality is as a dethroned leader who is always trying to regain possession of the position of ruling authority it once held in your lives. You are living literally with your own worst enemy, and the source within you disrespects and disregards My desire for you as born-again believers.

Therefore, keeping this in mind, do not trust your carnality, for the same will justify you in all manner of disrespect and disregard for those things that are godly and according to My standard of conduct intended for you to live by. Keep alert to the mind of My Spirit, for in the same you will find the direction and the correction that will keep you from the corruption of carnality. You are not intended to be ruled by those things that are carnal and in the same reap corruption and death, as well as damnation of your souls. You are intended to sow to the eternal life that I have intended for you, and to store your treasures in heavenly dimensions, whereby you are able to partake of all that is pure and spotless.

There are many ways that seem right to the carnal, and those ways lead them to their own destruction. Know that in the broad way are many enticements and seductions that end the foolish in degradation, destruction, death and damnation. While they convinced themselves that they were enjoying life, all they were doing is playing into the hand of the devil and his demonic forces.

I do not intend you to be duped by the devil; I intend you to come forth in the divine wisdom that is available to you if you ask the same of Me. Do not imagine that it is My intention for you to be foolish. It is My intention that you would be wise because you are walking in the divine wisdom that I intend for you to be partakers of. Be thankful this day that you are not meant to be found deluded. Rather, you can be found uplifted and directed in the divine wisdom that is yours for the asking.

Those who are desiring to be guided by Me can ask of Me and likewise receive,for I do not withhold the divine wisdom from those who are willing to be directed by My Spirit. When it is the mind of My Holy Spirit that you are under, you will be alerted to the tactics of your own carnality and you will not need to fall prey to the same.

There are multitudes who are subject to those things that are destructive and disruptive, and they go onward, led to their own slaughter by their dumb choices. Yet when they are shown the truth, they despise the same and go on as the fools they are because they are married to their own destruction. When you see such fools, know that they will be taken in their folly and hurled into hell because they have chosen the darkness of their own understanding.

I do not call you to darkness; I call you to the light, the life and the love that are found in My kingdom. Each day when you arise, give the first fruits of your day to Me. Do not listen to the ranting or raging of the world nor of your own carnality. Rather, seek Me and listen to My Spirit, and pay heed to My Word that is given to you that you be directed in My way and instructed in My intentions for you.

Realize, if you will, how truly fortunate you are to be uplifted, directed and guided forth in the way that is eternal and everlasting, and intended for you to be partaking of each day. It is a good thing to be uplifted and directed, guided and given the truth that My Spirit guides you in each day, as you seek for My purposes, My intentions, and not your own. Be glad even now that I reign supreme and rule over you.