Hateful, Rebellious, Proud Fools Choose Hell

I speak to you this day and I say: Be rejoicing that you are indeed privileged to look to Me as the One that you serve and obey. Consider the trouble that comes to those who are worshiping dead gods. This includes even the ones who imagine themselves to be rich, increased with possessions, and in need of nothing. When people are trusting in the riches that make themselves wings, they are trusting in vanity.

I have intended that people would not worship the gods of the heathen; I have intended that they would worship Me as the One who is indeed well able and who does not withhold any good thing from them. However, people in these times are very stubborn, proud and rebellious against Me. They have chosen to go after the vanity of the world and the emptiness of the same. They are determined to do as they please, how they please, when they please, because they assume themselves to be in total control.

I absolutely do not want you to go after their ways; I want you to follow after the steps of My Son Jesus and be knowing of a surety that when you are following after Him, you are in life and able to rejoice in the same. My Holy Spirit is given to those who want to follow Me, and My Spirit will lead and guide you into all truth.

When you see the extent to which I am grieved with the sins of people steeped in rebellion and pride, know that all of My wrath being shown forth is just. Not only do rebels bring troubles to themselves; they cause distress to others by their continuation in the ways of rebellion and pride.

Look at the conditions that are present in the world at this time. Look at the disasters that are bringing destruction and devastation. Do you imagine that many will see the error of their ways and repent? I say that they will not, for they are blinded by the god of this world. They are likewise shackled in the chains of sin.

I do not intend destruction for those who are walking uprightly in Me. However, I do intend and I will bring destruction to the ones who have chosen to go in their own ways and are determined to do evil when they should choose good. Be glad even this day that you are not called to evil; you are called to the good that I intend for you to be partakers of.

Therefore, do not let the enemy convince you that you cannot continue in My way. You can, for you are daily made able and given the strength that you have need of as you keep your focus clearly upon Me as the One you love, serve and obey. Do not be weary in well doing; simply continue in the strategies that will direct you in the way that is victory and triumph.

It is not My intention that you be crushed and overwhelmed; it is My intention that you be ever uplifted and brought forth in My purpose and plan. When you were born again of incorruptible seed, you became the citizens of My kingdom, which is higher than the kingdoms of this world. Be rejoicing to be partakers of the heavenly dimensions that you are meant to be partaking of, and refreshed and renewed by.

Consider the weariness that overwhelms the multitudes who are being directed by demons. They are slaves of darkness, sin and iniquity. Their days are not spent in good. Their days and their nights are spent in evil. My people are given the blessedness of peaceful sleep and rest when they trust Me. Be thankful to know that I am the One who gives to My people all that they need, even in times of great economic distress and hardship. It is a good thing to know that by My mercies you are being cared for continually. Be in the attitude of gratitude because I the Living God do not withhold mercy. Rather, I delight to give to you the same.

These are definitely times when people are shown that it is by their choices that they are being rewarded. Those who have chosen sin are being rewarded according to their sins. Those who have chosen righteousness are being rewarded according to their choices for My way. Know that when I the Living God do bring forth My wrath, it is upon those who are full of the darkness of their choices.

Be thankful this day that you are not headed for ruination and damnation. It is by choosing Me that you are being spared from the present manifestation of My wrath. My wrath is being bestowed on all who have chosen the foolery and the vanity that will bring to them the emptiness and futility that will prove to be devastating, not only to their carnal lives but to their eternal destinies. I do not intend you to be devastated and destroyed by wrong choices; I want you to seek Me as your first love and then allow My Spirit to lead you in the choices that I want you to make in order to have eternal life in Me.

If you look at the devastation that I am bringing against the proud, why is it so? It is because they are absolute fools who are choosing according to death rather than life. While they are caught in the disasters, they have no control over the same. Despite their riches, despite their fame, despite their claims, they cannot change what I the Living God am giving to the hateful, rebellious and damned fools who have chosen their own distress.

Do not mourn their losses. Rather, rejoice in the gains that you are making in Me, for those are My mercies being shown forth to you that you can indeed be participating each day in the way that is life eternal.