Mockers Resisting Repentance End in Hell

I speak to you this day, My people, and I tell you to keep your ears and eyes open, for this is not the time to ignore what I am doing in this earth. This is the time when I am manifesting to great extent My wrath, fury and indignation against those who have given themselves with relish to sin and degradation.

Know that I the Living God am not mocked, and I desire that men and women would repent and be returned to Me. However, I know fully that there are some who imagine that they get by with all of their mockery of My kingdom, My people and My standard. Know that such ones are absolute fools, for their hearts are hard and they are totally estranged from Me as their Creator. Those who have built for themselves castles of pride will find that I the Living God am able to bring down their fortified habitations and render them helpless to withstand Me.

Inasmuch as multitudes have refused to listen to My messengers, My prophets whom I have sent to them repeatedly, calling for them to repent, it is now that they are finding themselves on the bottom and suffering calamities beyond their imaginations.

Do not expect for there to be a quick end to My fury being poured forth, for it shall not be. In this time when the multitudes imagine that they do not have to give an account unto Me, you are seeing the proud brought low, and those who had no cares for tomorrow facing the calamities and hardships with no preparation for the same.

Therefore, do not take pity, unless My Spirit directs you to extend mercy. This is because there are many who have participated in foolish jesting, mocking and scoffing of Me, My Son, My Spirit and My people. Their thoughts have been on vanity and stupidity as they have pursued the wind and in the same gone on as fools in their folly. All the while, their conversations have been full of cursing, mocking, hatred for and bitterness towards Me.

Such as these are now under My hand of wrath and they are helpless to lift the same from their lives, their possessions, and their supposed prosperity. Nevertheless, they do not see, nor do they recognize their need to repent. Instead, they only wax bolder and more arrogant in their declarations against Me, yet they can do nothing to stop Me! On and on, they rage and find themselves disjointed from their safety zones. They do not have any idea how to cope without rage and vehement cursing spewing forth out of them.

Know that such as these have brought to themselves exactly what they deserve, as they have waxed bolder and more demonic in their response to My measures of retributive justice against them. For all of their bitter ranting, they gain nothing except more and more poured forth upon them in the cup of My wrath. When they think they have had enough, more will be given to them and they will find themselves totally helpless. The majority will find they cannot do anything to alleviate their situations and circumstances. Yet, they will still refuse to repent.

There will be very few who will see the error of their ways and humble themselves and pray in deep repentance for what they have done against Me. To the ones who will truly repent and see the error of their ways, I will extend mercy and forgiveness because they are dumb and have proven how totally needy they are of Me. I will expect change from them as the evidence of their repentance, and if they refuse to make the changes My Spirit directs them to make, they will be counted unworthy and unacceptable.

While multitudes have grown drunk on love-gospel lies, they will find themselves being sobered up by the serious calamities that are coming down during these times. However, even soberness will not change them, for they will, if they live, continue to hate Me and mock My people, especially My messengers. In their various states of upheaval, they will grow more bitter and angry, imagining that they are totally justified in their foul and arrogant, abusive and destructive behaviors towards others.

Know that they are not by any measure justified, and they only multiply their troubles and their sorrows through their responses to the situations and circumstances that have come upon them. I do not pity them, for they are deserving of the punishments that I am pouring forth upon them, and they are fools who are falling into the arms of the devil. They are literally being prepared for the cauldrons of hell, where they will know the everlasting burning and be unable to find relief from the torments.

Such as these are examples of gross rebellion, and their end is desolate as they will face damnation and find no way out of the same. Do not ever imagine that mockers and scoffers get by on Me. Remember, I am not to be mocked, and those who have chosen to be mockers will be mocked throughout eternity in hell. They will never escape the torments of their choosing to waste their lives on earth being used by the devil and his demons. Although there are some who will wish that they were not in hell, there is no turning back. They made the choices of darkness and now they are secured in the prison houses of torment and anguish. The only reward that mockers receive is damnation, and the same is eternal, never ceasing!