Consecrate to God, Not Self

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: The call for all who truly want to be right with Me is to consecration. I do not intend that My people would be full of worldliness and the ugliness of the same. No, it is My intention that My people would be sanctified and holy, that is, set apart for My use and not the use of the world. If you truly consider what I have intended for you, it is to follow Me with all of your hearts, your strength and your doings. I do not call you to be subject to the iniquities that are abounding in these times and by the same be devoured.

When I give forth the call to consecration, do not think that you are already there. If you were already thoroughly consecrated, you would be with Me in heaven. However, the call to consecration is one that is given in increasing degrees, that as you grow you are enabled to give more and more of yourselves to Me as the One you love, for as much as you dedicate yourselves to Me, so do you receive of Me, for I do not withhold Myself from the ones who are desirous of more and more of Me.

If you consider the message that My Son Jesus gave to those who were listening to Him in the days of His mission on earth, He declared clearly that men and women must die to themselves in order to be His true followers. So it is, that when men and women truly follow Me, they will die to their old lives in order to live the new life and be pleasing to Me.

Consider that when you are dying to yourselves, you are consecrating more fully unto Me, for the territory once occupied by your carnality is now occupied by My Spirit. As you develop as My Spirit people, you will understand the power of being consecrated unto Me. In the times that are here and on the horizon, you will see that My Spirit leads you forth in the way that is far above the realms of carnal existence.

To the multitudes who are not serving Me, life is for the most part a frightening, depressing, disappointing scene. This is true because so many have built on the false foundation of the world, and when the same totters or is shaken, they are desperately desolate and empty. Be thankful that you do not need to live in such a realm of desperation, because you are consecrated and dedicated unto Me.

The more that you literally see the futility of life without Me, the more that you will yearn for more of Me. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude each day, for I am not withholding from you any good thing, but I am giving to you all that you will ever need to be brought forth in and through Me. The way that I have set before you is the way that is glorious, as you are partaking of the mercies and the miracles that I have for you.

Those who are under My wrath, fury and indignation are for the most part very angry and frustrated, and the majority of them are living in places of hopelessness and increasing despair. When people have built their lives on the foundations that are faulty, consider that the same only brings them ruination in the end. How many are there now, who in their stubborn pride have refused to repent and turn to Me, and are now facing unbearable troubles? If only men and women would really consider the consequence of their choices, then some of them perhaps would choose differently. That is why I send forth My messengers, calling for people to repent that they would reconsider their choices and choose according to life rather than death.

Remember how fortunate you really are to be alive in Me and to know the blessedness that is given to you as you follow My Spirit in the way eternal. So many upon this earth merely live, die and are remembered no more. They perish in sin and add to the population of hell, with no purpose for the lives they lived on earth. Be glad, My people, that you have the eternal purposes before you as you are ever under the mind of My Spirit. Do not allow the heaviness of the times to take you far from Me. Be ever uplifted and rejoicing to know that I am with you, as you are My people.

Do not give yourselves over to the world, no matter how enticing the same would appear. Instead, be giving yourselves up to Me, for I am the One who loves you and desires to see you brought forth by a plain path. As you bear witness to My goodness and mercy, you will be rejoicing that you are not alone but that you have My indwelling Spirit in you and with you. Indeed, it is a privilege to be able to tell others of Me, as that is how My word is being spread. Spend your time and your energies doing what I desire, and you will be guided each day.

Those who spend their time on this earth for the fleshly lusts will gain nothing from the same. Consider how many waste their lives for the pursuit of fleshly lusts and vanity. While some imagine that they are enjoying the “good life,” in their end they face hell because they did not consider the hereafter. Others are living in abandonment to the lusts of the flesh and pursue lives of miserable addiction, and they too face hell in the end. No matter which end of the spectrum people are on, they are all pursuing the same course inasmuch as they are living for self and not for Me. The end of all who choose “the god of self” is damnation forever. The sad thing is that self is never satisfied, and those who waste themselves attempting to satisfy the same are pursuing the wind. Be glad that you do not live for yourselves but that you live for Me and in the same reap eternal life.