Stubbornly Sinning or Repentantly Redeemed?

I speak to you this day and I would tell you the truth that anyone who has the courage to read My written Word (which discloses the history of My people of old) must realize: I do judge My own people when they turn to the gods of the heathen. If you look even now at the nations who have forgotten Me, you will see that I reveal My wrath, fury and indignation against them daily. Woe is indeed the cup that is given to those who believe that they can violate Me and get by.

If people would open their eyes, they would see clearly that I am angry with the people of this planet. While you hear from so many who are literally hating Me that they intend to “save the planet,” they cannot save anyone, not even themselves. Such are fools drunk on pride and delusion. It is not intended that planets be saved. It is My intention that people be saved by turning from their sins and coming unto Jesus as their Savior.

Yet, in these wayward times, multitudes have taken up social causes, all to no avail. While they are pursuing their causes, they are failing to partake of Me as their God. In fact, they believe that their efforts are so important that they are superior to Me, the Creator of all life. Thank Me this day that you do not have to be led into causes that do not change the issue of unrepentant people who are full of sin and darkness.

Throughout the ages, I have sent My prophets crying out against the sins of the people and the priesthood, as well as the leaders of nations. For the most part, people have stubbornly resisted My call to them to repent, and have continued in the darkness and iniquity of their own ways. My prophets and messengers have suffered at their hands. Many of those that I sent to cry out against the sins being committed were treated as criminals and imprisoned, or even put to death for telling the truth.

It is no different now, for the sins of the unrepentant nations continue to increase and multiply. Instead of those holding positions of power calling for people to repent, they only encourage the people to more sin. Some nations are quick to pass laws against the just, and give favor to the wicked. Therefore, evil increases at alarming rates, and multitudes live to sin and likewise love to indulge their carnality in the filthy waters of sin till they are totally defiled. These ones abhor the washing of My Word and punish any and all who want to follow the standard I desire for people to live by.

Sin is ever on the increase as people are so dumb. They do not perceive they are damning their own souls. They believe that they shall go on and on in their evil and that there is no harm done. Blinded by the god of this world, they continue to bring curses to themselves and their generations. In their own minds, they have set up the false imaginations that take them deeper and deeper into the sins that bring damnation.

As My wrath, fury and indignation are being revealed, I will not hear the cries of those who have proudly and stubbornly resisted Me and done harm to My true ones. For although they may cry and feign repentance, I know the depths of sin that they dwell in and promote. Not only do they damn their own souls; they likewise contaminate others to great and grievous extent. Do not imagine that they are repentant, for they are not. All that they want is to be freed from their troubles so that they can return like pigs to wallow in the dirty mire of their sins.

It is Me the Living God who knows the sins of men and women on this earth, and I do indeed punish them for the things that they do deliberately against Me. I absolutely am not mocked, and those who imagine that they can mock Me will be mocked, for they are fools before Me. While they have ridiculed and jeered at My true people, know that My wrath is kindled against them, and they shall be partakers of My retributive justice.

Be aware that while I punish all who are stubbornly continuing in sin, I doubly punish those who have mocked My true people, the ones who have lived by My standard. Because times change, it does not mean that I change. I do not intend for people to be wildly wallowing in sin then making the hypocritical claim that they are serving Me. It is not Me that they are serving, for they are living in outright sin and degradation, and they love it so. Do you think that I am pleased with them? I am not in any way pleased; I am grieved. Those who believe in themselves are believing in fools, for they are following the darkness of their own hearts and by the same are walking in delusion and drunkenness.

I do not want My people to be drunkards, nor maddened mockers. My people are called to be examples of My kingdom and not the kingdoms of this world, which are evil. Therefore, realize that what you yield yourselves unto is what you are identified with. Do not invoke identity with death and damnation by pursuing the demonic. Rather, walk uprightly and be found in the way that is well pleasing and acceptable unto Me.

As My people, let your lives be full of the light, the life and the love that are found in and through Me. Do not be statistics of sin’s campaign of destruction. Be those who are recognized as well pleasing unto Me for they are living in the way that I provide, the way that is abundant mercy, hope and strength to all who choose the same. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude, for you are part of the righteous remnant, repentant and redeemed.