Cling to God

I speak to you this day and I say: Cling to Me. That is, in the times in which you are in and the times yet to come, do not be ashamed to cling to Me, for I am the One you are meant to be loving with all of your hearts. When it is Me that you keep as your central focus, then you are kept in times of great and terrible adversity. Be glad to know that I give to you all that you have need of time and again.

Inasmuch as My Spirit is ever in you and with you, you are guided in the midst of a treacherous and wicked generation. Know that this is the time when I am vindicating Myself upon the wicked who have sought to viciously slander and destroy My true people. The truth is that I would prefer the wicked to repent. However, they will not. They are so stiff with pride that they cannot bend the knee to Me and repent for what they have done against the just.

Therefore, be glad that you can look to Me as the One who is your source, your strength and your safety. Do not ever be ashamed to call upon Me, for I give to you all that you have need of each day. The resource that you receive of Me is the resource that brings eternal life. The resource of the wicked is the resource that damns their souls for eternity. They can never escape the torments, the anguish, the burning that will face them in the fires of hell.

While people imagine in the delusional drunkenness of pride that they get by with their doings in this life, they do not. It is Me the Living God who knows the doings of all men and women upon this earth, and I am the One who is ever present and sees them in the same. It is Me who does punish them for their wickedness, both here on earth and in the life to come.

When you see My wrath visited upon the wicked, know that I am just in the deliverance of the same. Do not mourn for them, nor weep over their hardships, for they have caused much ruination in their assumptions that they are so right when they are not. Be thankful even now that you partake of the goodness that I give to you each day and that you do not have to be devoured in the way that the wicked are being devoured. Do not ever hesitate to call upon Me, for I will give abundance of mercy to you and in the same you will understand that it is Me that you can cling to without shame or fear of rejection.

I do not reject those who are clinging to Me as their source, their strength and their safety. No, I lead them forth by a plain path and I give to them exactly what they have need of each day, for it pleases Me to do so. Therefore, do not be sorrowful, for it is Me who knows the ones who have a heart for Me and the ones who do not. Be glad to rejoice and give Me thanks and praise, for I do not withhold any good thing from the ones who walk uprightly in Me. It is not intended for men and women to go after the vanities of the world if they have experienced the salvation mercies that are provided to them through My Son Jesus.

I hold in contempt the ones who have used My Son and His sufferings for their own gain and then turned to the world and the vanities of the same. I do not honor those who are using My Son’s Name in vain, in the sense that they call themselves Christians but their behaviors are not according to godliness but worldliness. Thank Me that I am the One who will give to you all that you shall ever need, and I do not hesitate to come near to you as you cling to Me and are not ashamed of Me.

Those who are more concerned with the opinions of the world are a grief and a sorrow to Me, for they have chosen the covering that will bring destruction and disruption to their lives rather than mercies. Be glad that you can be assured of My goodness as you are clinging to Me as the rock of refuge in the times when the floods of the filthy waters of sin are drowning and destroying multitudes who have chosen the same. Thank Me this day that you do not have to walk afar off from Me but you can be directed in a plain path, and that you do not need be counted with those who have turned to other gods, other masters.

When you see the way that My Spirit is directing you in these times, walk in the same and know that you will not end in a ditch. There is no reason for you to be blinded by the god of this world. There is every reason for you to be uplifted in the pathway that I do intend and provide for you. Realize that as the wrath, fury and indignation of My anger are being revealed, you can indeed give all manner of thanks to Me that you are not under wrath but are under mercies.

It is indeed a privilege to know that you can cling to Me, give praise to Me and welcome Me as One who loves you and desires you to come forth in the blessedness of who I am. It is not intended that the ones who are My people would be left to flounder, then to wander, then to squander their inheritance in Me by embracing the world.

Do not embrace the world, for the same will prove to be destructive to you. Instead, embrace My will and purpose for you and declare to the lost that My Son is the Redeemer waiting for them to repent. Tell them what He has done for you that they might hear and obey the call to repentance and know the wondrous mercies that are available. Give honor to Me by the way that you live, and show that it is a privilege to serve and love Me.