Shocks and Aftershocks Coming

I speak to you this day and I say: Be prepared, for there will be many shocks and aftershocks felt throughout the earth. It is Me the Living God who will send crushing, devastating and destroying shocks to the works of men, which they imagined were invincible. However, consider that those things were not invincible, nor were they such that they could stand against My hand of wrath, fury and indignation.

The times that are here and are increasing are times of great turmoil, unrest, and physical violence erupting. Murders among peoples of all colors and creeds will increase, and multitudes will reflect the discontentment, the fear and the darkness of these days.

Do not think for one moment that you have to be a partaker of the overwhelming madness that evidences itself time and again. Rather, realize that as you will abide in Me, you will be enabled to partake of My peace, for the same is given to those who keep Me as their first estate and the One they love.

Know that I do not find pleasure in those who worship idols, and if the ones who are claiming to be Mine abandon themselves to idols, they are choosing their own destruction, devastation, depression, despair and damnation. I find absolutely no pleasure in the ones who go a whoring from Me and invest their talents in the ways of the heathen.

It is not My intention that My people would be the slaves of the heathen. It is My intention that My people would find their joy in Me as the One who bears rule over them. When the heathen think they have control over you, they do not, for ultimately it is Me the Living God who does take full control in the situations regarding My people, inasmuch as the ones who do them wrong are punished by Me.

Be thankful this day that you are never alone, for I bear rule over you and you do not need to believe otherwise. The heathen want you to think that they bear rule over you. However, they fail to realize that it is Me the Living God who is the ultimate power, and My power remains.

Know that I will indeed keep you in the midst of the turbulence that is throughout the earth in these times. Not for one moment do I intend that you would be overwhelmed by the powers of darkness. Rather, I intend that you would realize that it is Me who is omnipresent and that My Spirit is ever present to guide you forth by a plain path in the way that is My righteousness and My holiness.

It is not for you to take up the ways of the heathen; it is for you to walk in My way and by the same be the witnesses of the Higher kingdom wherein I make My abode. I absolutely do not leave My people to be found in desolated, isolated places, as they have the indwelling Holy Spirit with them at all times. Be glad that you can indeed be found partaking of My joy when others are mourning and feeling sorry for themselves as they are under the shocks and the aftershocks of what is happening and will continue to transpire.

Be thankful that throughout the hard times that are on the horizon, My Spirit will be with you, and you will see the miracles that I do, because I am the God of miracles. Do not think for one moment that there is another way that is higher than My way, for there is no such thing. It is Me the Living God who intends you to come forth uplifted and rejoicing because I do bear rule over you and want you guided forth in the fullness of strength that I have for you.

Do not be afraid, for although the dark clouds loom and the shocks and aftershocks are shaking, I do not want you quaking in fear. Rather, I want you uplifted in the power of My presence, knowing that you are enabled and fully capable, as I will overshadow you. You must understand and realize that your lives are hidden in Me and that you are ever with Me, for I do not withhold My strength, My purpose, nor My plan from those who want Me.

Be doers of My Word, not as the hearers who are deceiving themselves. It is imperative that you keep ever focused upon what it is that you are meant to be doing for Me. Do not remain focused on the tough times, but realize that when the times are tough, the truly tough keep on going forth in the way that I have intended for them.

Although the outer man may grow weak and enfeebled with age, realize that the inner man is being strengthened by your commitment unto Me, the more that you see it is Me that you must serve in steadfast obedience and dedication. I will keep My promises to those who walk uprightly, and I will likewise keep My promises to the ones who have chosen to oppose Me. You are not intended to walk disorderly; you are intended to come forth knowing that I am your refuge, your strength, and the mercy you need.

The ones who have chosen to imagine that they can oppose Me are in reality on the list of those who will be affected by the times and could easily lose their lives in the process. Be aware that there will be severe manifestations of My sore displeasure with the sons of men in all of their antics and attitudes against Me. The wicked will receive the full cup of My wrath poured forth, and they will be forced to drink even the dregs of the same.

The righteous will be given the cup of My mercy and they will be allowed to drink the cup of the sweetness of the same. In their consumption of My mercy cup, they will partake of the treasures that I have in store and they will see miracles of provision, while the rebels will howl in need.