Warning: Danger Ahead

I speak to you this day, My people and I say: Open your eyes to see what is on the horizon, for yes, there are many dark clouds on the horizon, and the same will bring much hardship, wreckage and death to the sons of men. Know that in the coming year I the Living God will bring forth an increase of My judgments against the people of this earth for their continual transgressions against Me.

Because men and women have chosen to oppose Me and to run like dogs after sin, it is Me the Living God who is wearied with their ugliness and their vile behaviors. I have sent forth My prophets crying out for them to repent, yet they have stubbornly refused and have punished My prophets. In their vehement opposition to Me, they have caused much suffering to My true messengers. Likewise, they have risen up in their drunken pride and assumed that nothing could ever bring them down.

Fools they are, for they are the ones who are inviting to themselves and to the nation many sorrows that are the consequence of their vile and corrupt behaviors that they refuse to curtail. I do not find pleasure in such fools, for they prove repeatedly that they are in rebellion against Me and do not want any part of the mercies that I have. When people give themselves over to the powers of wickedness, there is no end to what they will do against Me, for their hearts are full of hatred for Me and My intentions for their lives.

Believe Me, in the year ahead you will see much devastation, destruction and death, as My wrath is openly displayed upon the people of this earth. Be aware that the incurable plagues shall continue to reap great harvests of death, as they will mutate more and more. Throughout the world, scientists will labor feverishly to stay the plagues, all to no avail. Medical staff will work long and tedious hours in their attempts to alleviate human suffering and anguish, only to have many of their efforts thwarted by death. Literally, there will be no accomplishments made by the efforts of men and women who think they shall prevail over the plagues that have been sent by Me.

Yet, despite all that shall befall humanity, the vast majority will only grow harder and more angry at Me. Even those who profess that they are atheists will be up in arms more than ever against Me, although they claim that they do not believe that I am. If it were true that I am not the Living God, then why is it that men and women cannot take control as they in their pride have assumed themselves capable of doing?

The reason is simple: I did not create men and women to be in the control that they imagine themselves to be capable of. In fact, what they, the ones drunk on pride, fail to realize is that I could take their lives even in an instant.

The earth itself will continue to show sore displeasure with the sinful state of humanity. More earthquakes, volcanoes, and violent storms affecting both the seas and lands will arise. Destruction and devastation shall arise and take the lives of multitudes who have been so foolish as to give themselves wholeheartedly to sin and debauchery. Do not mourn over what I the Living God will do against the wicked, for it is My intention to bring them to ruination inasmuch as they have caused the ruination of countless souls.

Be serving Me in the attitude of gratitude each day, and walk humbly before Me. When My wrath is being openly displayed, the wise will know and understand that they need to walk humbly before Me and keep their vision single unto Me. Be thankful that you are under My covering and by the same you are protected even when others are being assaulted and pounded by My wrath, fury and indignation.

This is the time when the very nations will tremble because of the anger that I will openly display towards those who are in violation of My purposes and plans. Therefore, be thankful that you can keep yourselves stayed upon Me, for I am the One who will guide you forth and give you abundance of mercies.

Inasmuch as you maintain your integrity towards Me, you will see that My purposes for you are very real and will evidence themselves as you see miracles of mercy continually poured out in your behalf. As you walk circumspectly and maintain humility as your mode, you will find that yes, there is no end to the goodness that I give to the ones who are walking uprightly before Me.

Do not at any time allow an accusatory attitude to well up within you and cause you troubles and sorrows. Rather, continue to walk in lowliness of mind and heart, not esteeming yourselves as more than you are. When you really see My wrath revealed, it will make you all the more grateful that you are redeemed and given My light and My truth each day.

Be glad even now that you do not have to walk afar off from Me, but you can come forth knowing that I do not intend you to be overwhelmed. Rather, I intend you to be ever guided, directed and given the direction and correction that are available under the mind of My Spirit. As you are being guided in the plain path that I have set before you, so are you ever enabled to partake of the miracles of mercy that I do intend for you.

Be glad that it is by My Spirit mind that you are kept, and not by your carnal mind or the carnal minds of the wicked. Know through Me that in the storms ahead I cover you. By the mind of My Spirit you will see how infinite and intense My desire is to show mercy to the upright, and wrath to the wicked.