Learn to Listen and Obey

I speak unto you this day and I say: Learn to listen, and let yourselves be enriched as you listen to My Spirit. In these times, there are literally few who really want to listen to Me as their Maker and their Keeper. Rather, they are intense on listening to the world and the foolish prattle of the same. Because they are absorbed in the vanities that are so common, their hearts are far from Me. They are grossly pursuing those things that are offensive to Me, and because of such pursuit, they are a grief to Me.

Realize that to listen to Me and obey what My Spirit speaks to you is very important, for unless it is Me that you are following, you are pursuing the wind. Many believe themselves to be laboring for Me, but they are not, for they are building according to their own ambitions and worldly competitions, and by doing such, they are a grief to Me and are not found well pleasing at all.

Be thankful even this day that you do not have to pursue the world. Rather, you can pursue that which I give for you to follow after. Make it your practice to deny the fleshly lusts that war within your members and want you to listen to those things that I have forbidden to you. It is a good thing to know that I desire for My people to walk in purity, giving Me thanks and praise because they are redeemed.

When you hear the filthiness of conversation that is common among unbelievers, do not take up such conversation and make it your own. Instead, be quick to take up godly conversation with other believers. I do not intend for My people to be conformed to the standard of the world and take on the attributes of the same. It is My intention that My people would conduct themselves in a way that is pure before Me because they are doing those things that are right in My sight.

Therefore, be thankful to be uplifted, guided and directed in the plain path that is ever present for you to walk in. As you remain in the way that I intend, you are not taken down to the filthiness of conversation, nor the worldly behaviors that accompany the same. Rather, you are led forth in the holiness and purity that I desire for My people to walk in each day. Be thankful that you can pursue the peace that comes from being in right standing with Me.

Remember that you are to wait on Me and listen carefully to the voice of My Spirit and obey My commands to you, that you can indeed be guided forth in the blessedness of who I am. Therefore, do not live in estrangement from Me. Instead, be ever thankful to Me that as you listen and obey, so are you kept in the way that has been intended for you, and so are you by the same enabled to trust yourselves unto Me as your Creator.

When those who hear the message of salvation through Jesus will come forth in the same, then they will know forgiveness mercy. However, if they do not partake of that mercy with thanksgiving and gladness to the extent that they are willing to make changes in their lives, then they are found bound in darkness by the same. Those who will refuse to change are literally in rebellion and will not be found acceptable.

Realize how important it is that you make whatever necessary changes I intend, that you can be found well pleasing. This means that you learn to order your conversation and your behavior aright, that is, that your words and your actions reflect the fact that you have been born again of incorruptible seed and that your citizenship is in Me. Be glad even now that you do not have to be found as the witnesses of the world by remaining entrenched in the old ways of slavery to sin.

It is a good thing to be transformed by the washing of the word that comes to you as you listen to My Spirit and obey the commands of the same. When it is Me that you keep your focus on, you are not taken into the ditch. Be aware that learning to listen and obey righteous commands is very important to your growth and development in Me.

Do not be as those who are listening to the voices of demons and are obeying the same. Such as these may make a declaration of salvation, but if they are not making noticeable changes, they are not being true to the Savior. Rather, their allegiance is to the former lifestyle and their former masters. The lot that they are choosing is grievous, for they are quenching the Spirit and choosing instead to pay heed to demonic spirits that will end them in destruction and damnation of their souls.

As those who are truly born again of incorruptible seed, let your attention be to what My Spirit speaks to you, and be faithful to obey the same. The more that you pay attention to the commands of My Spirit, the greater will be your progress in Me and in the purposes that I have for you to walk in. Do not be easily deceived and taken in the course of destruction that the enemy wants for you. Rather, be persistent and insistent in going forth in the purpose and the plan that is intended for you.

Let it be your intention and your goal to always put Me first in all things and to listen attentively to My Spirit, that you are receiving and believing the commands that will give you eternal life and cause you to know that My way is the way that is beautiful and glorious. Give the honor, the praise and the glory unto Me this day, for I am your God and your Maker, the One who bears rule over you and provides all you need.