Rebellion Brings Sabotage of God’s Will

I speak to you this day and I say: Do not let rebellion set in on you in any form. Know that I the Living God do not call you to be rebellious, and that is exactly what the enemies want you to be: rebellious against Me. They are continually plotting, scheming and lying as they seek to sabotage My purpose and plan for your lives. Therefore, be aware that there is a continual warfare transpiring day and night for your souls as you are reaching out to others to bring them into My fold.

However, you are not to be in fear of the enemies. Rather, you are to be in right standing with Me, for I am the One who does care for you and desires to see you brought forth and uplifted in the way that I have intended for you. The workers of darkness have the agenda of death and damnation, and for the same they make use of rebellion, as they know that those who are in rebellion towards Me are not under My covering, nor are they being protected by the same. It is because of rebellion that people are taken down the road to death and damnation, and devoured in the process.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to be led by demons of disobedience and contempt for Me. Rather, you can be led by the same Spirit that led My Son Jesus. The Holy Spirit is ever present to lead and guide you forth by a plain path that will give you peace in your souls because you are in obedience to Me rather than to the devil and his demonic forces.

When you consider how short the span of life is on this earth, be thankful that you are not led astray and ending in the ditch that will bring you ruination in your souls. I desire that My people would be ever present in Me, partaking of the treasures that I have in store for them. It is tragic how many of My people run after the ways of the world, without consideration for the end of the same.

You must understand that the world is in rebellion against Me, because it is under the rule of the wicked one, and his intentions are always the same: kill, steal and destroy. I do not by any means, want you to be destroyed. I want you to be continually uplifted and brought forth in the way that is life. Be serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, because I am the One who is indeed ever present, and through My Spirit you are uplifted and guided forth by a plain path and given the hope that is ever present in Me.

Therefore, in this rebellious generation, realize the danger of flirtation with the world and the broad way that is found in the same. Cleave to My way, for the same will prove to be the way that is safety and strength. I do not expect My people to be whoring after the world.

Disappointed I am when My people have abandoned the way that I intended for them to walk in, and gone after the vileness, iniquity and darkness that is found under the rebellious coverings of the world. I do not want My people to be a disappointment to Me; I want them to please Me in all that they do, because I desire them to be kept under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Rebellion is in the sense of worldliness destructive, and leads many in opposition to Me as the One they are meant to please. So many fail to realize, as they are covered in rebellion, that I alone am their Creator and they were created for My purpose.

If you consider the example that was left by Jesus, He did not in any manner rebel against My desire and My purpose for His earthly ministry. No. In fact, He walked uprightly in the same, and was thankful for My purpose and plan. However, in calling out the wicked for what they were, he did not fail to address the issue of their hatred and rebellion against Me as their God.

They literally hated Him because they hated Me and did not want to live according to My dictates. They were total hypocrites, for they said one thing and did another, which was in direct opposition to what they expected of the people. The consequence was that He openly revealed their hypocrisy, and they despised Him for the same.

Be aware that I never intended for My people to be subject to such hypocritical mockers who were simply using those who were subject to them. Realize that when you see crookedness in the priesthood, such are choosing that way of their own accord. They are not walking in obedience to My dictates and standards.

Likewise, be knowing that I do not want them to mistreat My people, but they do so because they are selfish and rebellious, and are pursuing their own lusts and imagining that they get by with the same. They do not get by. In fact, they are repeatedly exposed even now for the religious hypocrites that they are. However, because they are covered by their father the devil, they deceive themselves as well as others into believing that somehow they get by. Literally, they are fools, for there is none who gets by on Me, for I know fully the actions they are guilty of while using My Name in vain.

Be uplifted and rejoicing that you can be brought forth in the power of who I am, as you are following the dictates that I provide for you to walk by. As you are honoring Me through obedience rather than rebellion, so are you well pleasing to Me. Thank Me that you are not bound by the demons of rebellion that bring death and damnation. Those who are determined to rebel against Me are literally determined for their own destruction and demise. Be thankful to be free of rebellion and enabled to obey.