Let Compassion and Mercy Flow Forth

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Do not be as those who lock up their bowels of compassion and mercy. When people cut off compassion and mercy to others, so do they likewise keep themselves from receiving additional mercies from Me. It is not My intention that men and women would grow hard of heart and bitter towards others. When they give way to such emotions and condition of heart, it is not only others they hurt, but themselves likewise.

When you see the ones who are locked into bitterness, do not grow bitter against them. Realize that they are victims of the devil’s devices and have allowed themselves to drink the cup of bitterness, and they cannot be free of that poisonous cup. It is only by and through Me that they will be given mercy and forgiveness if they repent before My Son Jesus. However, most who have been taken captive by bitterness will not repent, because they justify their own conduct and refuse to humble themselves and be set free. Know that hell is full of those who have given themselves to bitterness, and they are being devoured in the same.

I do not want you to be in bitterness, nor do I want you to refuse to be exercised in compassion and mercy. Rather, follow the mind of My Spirit, which is ever present in you and with you to guide you in the way that I do intend. Be thankful that you do not have to rely on your own carnal resources. Rather, you can partake that which is divine, and be guided in the higher way that I intend for My people to walk in. As you look at what is before you, know that it is Me the Living God who will give to you the infinite mercies that I alone can provide.

Consider the plight of those who are without Me. Do they not have troubles, day in and day out, that they cannot overcome? Those who have given themselves to the works of carnality will of the same reap corruption, for they are striving against Me in their efforts, and they are not being uplifted in the joy that I desire to give them.

Be thankful to Me that I am the One who is your God and who has given to you abundance of mercy and compassion. So it is, that My Son Jesus came giving forth abundance of mercy and compassion, and I desire you to likewise give compassion and mercy to others as My Spirit directs you in the same.

As you are being taught the fellowship of the sufferings of Jesus, the tempter will be there to get you to harden your hearts and grow embittered when you dwell on your sufferings. However, it is not My intention that you give way to the tempter. It is My intention that you would pattern yourselves after the profile that Jesus left for you to follow.

Therefore, do not grow weary in well doing. Just continue to follow in the steps of My Son, not growing angry and bitter against Me or others. Consider the sufferings of My Son. They were tremendous. Yet, He did not stop in the process and grow bitter and angry at Me. No, He continued steadfast in the course that was set before Him, and fulfilled His commission, even to the point of death on the cross.

It is My intention that you follow in the steps of Jesus and not alter your calling in order to keep yourselves. Rather, it is purposed that you would continue steadfast as He did and complete the course that is set before you, knowing that it is Me who gives to you the rewards that are due to the righteous. Be thankful and serve in the attitude of gratitude, because you have been the recipients of the loving compassion and mercy given to you through Jesus, the Savior.

Sufferings will prove the integrity of your commitment to Me and to My Son. If you continually resort to bitterness, you will know intense anguish. However, you do not have to be embittered; you can be uplifted and rejoicing, because you are destined to be conformed to the image of the Son. When you are being conformed to His image, of course you will suffer in the process. Inasmuch as you keep yourselves purposed in Him, so shall you be enabled to bear the sufferings that are present. You will be knowing that they are not to be compared to the glory that shall be revealed in you as you continue to follow Jesus.

I do not cause My people to suffer unnecessarily, as though I enjoyed seeing them suffering. No, the only sufferings that are ordained by Me are those that shape My people into the image and likeness of My Son Jesus. Therefore, do not invite more sufferings into your lives by growing angry, accusatory and bitter towards Me or your circumstances. Simply trust that by My Spirit you will be led forth, and that the sufferings will not go on forever, as there are seasons and reasons in your lives that are ordained by Me.

The more that you are yielded to Me as the One who is in control of your lives, the more that you can bear up under whatever it is that is happening. When you are yielding to Me, you will see repeatedly that I do give to you exactly what you have need of and that you are being guided forth in purposes for which I have called you.

Multitudes are in bad and sad shape and need to hear of the compassionate and merciful ministry of My Son Jesus. Therefore, do not dwell on yourselves, but reach out to others and tell them the good news that Jesus loves them and will show them mercy and forgiveness as they repent to Him.