God Is Reliable and Dependable

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not expect that this world is going to be fair. It is not. However, as My people, you can call upon Me and be kept, for I will be with you as you express your need of Me. The only true justice that is available is through Me, the Living God. There are multitudes who are looking for justice in the world, who will find none at all, because they are expecting the world, which is ruled by the devil, to do them right.

The world will not do you right, so do not expect the same. You will find, as you are walking in Me, that I am the One True God who keeps My promises to My people. In the world, people make promises they do not keep, simply because things change, and they believe that they do not have to keep their commitments unto Me or anyone else.

Consider that when people are covered by lying spirits, they will become liars likewise. Be thankful that you can be covered by My Holy Spirit, which is given to lead and guide you into all truth. When you are shown the truth regarding situations, you will realize that the world is corrupted and that it is not reliable nor dependable. Be glad that it is Me the Living God who is both reliable and dependable, and as you look to Me as your source, you will be enabled to trust that I will be available to you.

I desire that you would be given the ability to discern between good and evil by the power of My Spirit. I do not intend that My people would be led forth in confusion and delusion; I intend that My people would be led forth in the way that I have intended and ordained for them to walk in. As you are putting your trust and your confidence in Me, you will not be made ashamed. Rather, you will be rejoicing that it is Me who bears rule over you and that you are citizens of the divine kingdom wherein I make My abode.

When you are respecting and honoring Me, you will see that you are being honored by Me, for I the Living God will show to you the infinite mercies that are ever present for you. As you look at those who are partakers of the world, you will realize how limited their resources really are, because they do not receive the divine mercies that I am ever present to give to My own people, nor can they be spared from calamities that befall them, as they are trusting in their own understanding and or their dead gods.

I am indeed well pleased when My people are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude because they see the superiority of My kingdom over the kingdoms of this world. My people are definitely given great advantage, because they have hope in Me and they are enabled to be led forth and guided by Me in the plain path that I have prepared for them to walk in. Likewise, they are given My Holy Spirit to constantly be with them as they are going in the way that I intend, and to be counseled and guided by My Spirit.

Those who in their pride refuse to humble themselves before Me gain nothing from the same except an increase in darkness. I do not find pleasure in the ones who are religiously proud, nor do I fellowship them in their schemes and misunderstandings of My written word. This is all because they are foolish children, who are stubbornly refusing the humility that would reveal to them who I am.

Thank Me this day that you can indeed come to Me as your Lord and bend your knees to Me and recognize your utter need of Me. If you are forever fretting against Me, stop and consider: Why are you doing that? Is it because you are imagining that you are suffering more than any people have ever suffered for Me?

The truth is that many of the saints who are in the great cloud of witnesses have suffered far more than you can even imagine. Do not be living in self-pity and assuming that your sufferings and anguish are unbearable. They are not. What is actually unbearable is to be so convinced that you do not need to go through whatever you are going through.

It is Me the Living God who is the potter, and you are the clay. Therefore, do not imagine that you know more than I as to what you have need of in this part of your journey with Me. I do not expect you to be in control and dictate to Me. I expect you to humble yourselves to Me and give Me thanks and praise as to what you have need of. Therefore, rejoice to be able to obey what I desire rather than what your own proud carnality would dictate to you as to how you should be guided or provided for.

There are multitudes who have failed to trust Me and have gone according to their own understanding, and in the same they have not received the very light that could have been given to them. When they are faced with disappointment and discouragement along the way, they want to blame Me. However, what they are failing to remember is that they followed their own understanding rather than trusting Me. I do not receive their accusations against Me, because such are false and have no bearing in reality.

Know of a surety that I do not lead you into a ditch, nor do I take you into the bitter waters that have proven to be death to multitudes. Instead, I, by and through My Holy Spirit, see that you are guided forth in the way that I do give to you, and I uplift you that you can give Me all honor, praise and glory.

Consider that in the times of extreme necessity and hardship it is My desire that you acquire all that you have need of by your obedience to Me as the God who is reliable and dependable. You are privileged to be able to come to Me in humility and to gain what I have for you.