Every Day the Son Arises in Your Hearts

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Rejoice, because you are redeemed and living the new life that has been given to you. Do not live in the bleakness and despair that comes to multitudes in these times of obvious uncertainty and troubles. Realize that every day, the Son arises in your hearts, as you are His and you are Mine. Know that you are not alone, for We are with you, and the Holy Spirit is ever present to guide you in the truth and the light that you are intended to walk in.

Do not turn aside from Me, nor go after the demon gods that are ever present in these times, offering to you falsehood and delusion. As My people, you do not have to partake that which the enemies offer. Rather, you can refuse, rebuke and refute such offers, inasmuch as they are deceptions sent to destroy. Let your attention continue to be ever focused on Me and My purposes, because the same will give you hope in a hopeless and desolate world that is filled with all manner of deceptions.

Be serving Me this day in the attitude of gratitude, and do not be undermining of My purposes and intentions. Instead, be thankful that I will not ever depart from giving to you all that you have need of each day. When you do as I have commanded you, then you are guided forth by a plain path and given the hope that I do give. Be glad to know that I am ever present, and I do intend for you to know Me as I am and to be instructed in the righteousness that is found in and through Me.

If you look at the confused and hopeless masses who are in desolation, be thankful that you have purpose and peace through Me. Be glad that although you may endure sufferings, those are for identity with My Son, Jesus Christ. You do not suffer for vanity or vexation; you suffer because you have chosen to be identified with My Son.

Jesus forewarned those who followed Him in the days of His mission on earth that they would suffer, because the world hated Him and would hate them because they followed in His steps. Therefore, do not give in to the enemy pressures that want you to stop following in His steps and turn aside to compromise.

You are not intended to short-change Me in your commitment by turning to compromise and embracing the same. You are intended to pursue the truth with all of your hearts and walk according to the same. Be thankful that you are no longer a hell-bound slave chained to sins and corruption. Rather, you are given the hope that comes when you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude each day. The more that you aspire to please Me, the more that you prove to be well pleasing and are found acceptable in My sight.

Know that in the times of hardship and authoritarian control that are looming on the horizon, you are not intended to be partaking of such. You are to know that through adherence to Me you will be guided and you will be kept even in adversity. Do not fear because of the circumstances or situations that you find yourselves in. Realize that beyond all such things I am ever present, and that you can call upon Me and I will hear you. Consider how privileged you really are that you are serving Me, the Creator, rather than the demon gods of death that so many are involved with, all to their own damnation.

Do not be taken down and find yourselves under the intimidation of demonic powers that want you dead and in hell. Be assured that I will give you the strength that you have need of to prevail, despite the pressures that want to crush you. Therefore, do not hesitate to cry out to Me, and do not be ashamed to see that you are needy of Me to provide you the strength to continue in the way that I have purposed for you. Do not be weary in well doing, but continue as a steadfast people who keep their commitments and vows unto Me.

My Son Jesus is the pattern that you are to follow, and as you do so, you will find that through adherence to His way, the strength and the direction are supernaturally given to you that you are not left to be devoured by demon forces. Do not take for granted the many mercies that I give to you each day. Instead, be ever thankful that you can partake of those mercies with gladness and rejoicing.

So many people live and die upon this earth without any consideration that they have been given mercy through Me. Be glad that you can be partaking of My mercy, My goodness and My light, because the same have been given to you as you walk in resplendence of My presence to you and in you. It is a good thing to be the victors and to partake of the mercies that give you the strength to prevail.

Know that you will be provided for, because you are My people and I am your God, and I do not leave My children to die in starvation. This means that I will provide you with the spiritual food you need, as well as the natural food your bodies have need of. I do not leave you to be destroyed by the forces of darkness. I lead you forth in the abundance of goodness of who I am, that you can partake of Me each day.

Desire to walk in the way, the purpose and the plan that you have been created for. As the redeemed, you are restored to the true purposes that are meant for you to walk in day by day. Likewise, you have reasons to rejoice each day, because you are not hell-bound, nor are you trapped in the iniquities and the darkness that is all around, causing death to many.