Celebrate in Trust, Not Traditions of Men

I speak to you this day and I say: Be thankful every day that the Savior Jesus Christ has come into your hearts and lives. While the world has in times past paid oblation to the “birth of the Savior,” I want you to pay oblation to Him every day, because He is your Savior and Lord. Indeed, you are privileged to know Him as the One who has redeemed you from the curse of sin and death and has given to you the way wherein you are now abiding.

Inasmuch as you have been given mercy and redeemed from the sentence of hell as the penalty for your sins, realize that each day you should arise and give thanks to Me that you have Jesus as your Savior. While the people want to make a momentous event over one day, what they fail to realize is that attention is meant to be given to Jesus every day. In fact, those who are claiming to be Christian believers should make it their practice and their habit pattern to give Him the first fruits of their days, no matter how busy they think they are.

Sad to say, some of the ones who make the loudest proclamation that they are Christian are the least interested in giving daily oblation and observation to Him. In such behaviors, they prove themselves to be unworthy, for they are putting the cares of this life above Him. The reality is that it is not in the traditions of Christmas that people have in times past honored Him. It has been, and still is, how that you live your daily lives that gives honor and glory unto Him.

You are not to be so involved in the cares of this life that you believe the lies of the demonic forces that pressure you to believe that you do not have time for the Lord. If you fail to pray each day and offer afresh and anew your lives to Him, and ask Him to keep you in His ways, what do you gain from all of your earthly striving, working and worrying? You will find yourselves full of anxiety and worry, because you are concentrating on the things that are temporal rather than the things that are eternal.

Be thankful each day that it is not Jesus the newborn babe who has saved you and delivered you. Rather, it is Jesus the man, who through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit completed His earthly mission and went to the completion by dying on the cross. Know that because My Son Jesus gave His life for the ransom, for the redemption of humankind, He became both Lord and Christ. Therefore, recognize that it is not His birth that makes the difference in your lives; it is the fact that He gave forth the pattern of complete obedience to My desire and not His own.

Keeping this in mind, do not let the cares of the Christmas season cause you to be vexed, depressed, overwhelmed, taken into needless debt and false expectations. Rather, realize that you are meant to pay oblation to My Son each day, not with a big outlandish show of meaningless traditions, but with obedience and thanksgiving. This will be because you are glad that He has been born in your hearts and lives, and given you the meaning of divine love. As you serve each day in the attitude of gratitude, giving the first fruits of your day in communication with the Savior, you will be filled with joy, because He is the One who gave His all for the fulfillment of My will.

Stop and consider that because He is the pattern you are meant to follow, do not hesitate to give your all for the fulfillment of My will for you. Do not be serving many masters and imagining that in the same I am well pleased. No, do not allow the everyday carnal cares to take priority over your intentions towards My divine purposes for you. Instead, only do what I as your Father am directing you to do. As you behave in such a way, so will you see the importance of fulfilling My will and not your own.

Be thankful even now that I am the reason that Jesus even came to set you free. Know that when He grew to manhood and chose obedience to My will as His purpose, His choices are what mattered. So should it be with you, that you choose according to My will and not your own purposes in this life. I do not want you to have an illusion or a delusion as to how things should be; I want you to be fully surrendered to Me as your source and resource, and see that I provide for you as you do My will.

Let peace be with you this day, and do not live in the vexation of traditions that originate with men rather than with Me. Know that the devil and his demonic forces target multitudes during the holiday season with much torment, worry, anxiety, depression, loneliness and hopelessness. When you see anyone that is under such coverings, give them the best gift in time and eternity, which is, tell them about Jesus the Christ and what He has done for you. Likewise, make it known to them that He can and will do the same for them if they repent and give their lives over to Him.

Rejoice this day that it is not the traditions of men that you are to walk in. Rather, it is My presence as you are giving yourselves to trust in Me. The more that you trust in Me, the more that you will see your need of My will above your own. You will be freed from the stranglehold of traditions and established in trust, because your confidence will be in what I can do, not what you can do.

Be glad even this day to know you are not bound to a day and become a slave to the same through traditions that pass away. Realize that you are born anew, purposed for My will, and enabled to trust in Jesus each day as you give Him praise and follow His pattern of obedience to Me.