Don’t Fall Prey to the Devil’s Holiday Death Trap

I speak to all who have an ear to hear and I say: Do not take on the spirits of loneliness and despair that want to grab hold of you. Know that My Spirit is reaching out to you even now, calling you to repent and come into the forgiveness mercies that are ever present in Jesus. I desire that you would know that you are not meant to be despairing, for I am the omnipresent God and I will receive any who cries out to Me.

Know that the demonic forces work overtime during this time of the year to get people to be vexed and tormented because they are lonely, depressed, isolated, or incarcerated, if not physically, then mentally. I do not want you to fall prey to such forces, for their goal is always the same: kill, steal and destroy. I do not want you to self-destruct because you are under the covering of demonic powers. I want you to listen to the calling of My Spirit and to come unto Jesus, My Son, who has paid the price for your sins and desires you to come to Him.

While the devil and his forces are striving to destroy through sin and the accompanying depression of the same, know that I have abundance of mercies and forgiveness waiting for you. Do not become statistics for the devil. Rather, become strong sons and daughters unto Me, for indeed, you are intended for My purposes. Realize that I am your Creator, and I created you for My purposes and not for the demon powers to destroy you. Therefore, do not succumb to the temptations that want you to kill yourselves or others in utter frustration.

I do not intend for people to be the fools that they are; I intend for them to be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude. The ones who have accepted the call of the Spirit and repented of their sins are most fortunate to be guided in life, the new life that comes through salvation. The foolish throw away the invitation or never even respond to the same, because they are bound under the mind of demon spirits. I do not call you to the bondage of demon spirits; I call you to the redemptive mercies that I desire for you to walk in each day.

Be aware that the mercies that I give to you are not available through human compassion. While those who think they are full of love and compassion are so sure of their own goodness, they are not true to Me whatsoever. Their so-called compassion is merely a guise whereby they gain recognition and acclaim, and the bottom line is pride. I do not exercise mercy for the approval of humanity, because I am self-existent and I do not need men or women to approve My works.

Realize that the mercies that are available in Me are meant to restore people to right standing with Me and to help them to live uprightly rather than wickedly. Pride is very deceptive and destructive, and those who are under the proud coverings of men and women are literally covered in death rather than life, because pride is abomination. I desire to see people covered in humility, whereby they see their need of Me and are not ashamed to admit the same. Be glad that you are the recipients of the humility mercies that I give to you, and that you do not need to grow proud in yourselves.

Because of sin, the world is off kilter, and people are driven by demons. However, I do not want people in such a place, and that is why I have given My Son to be the substitute for their sins. During these times, people for the most part do not even consider that He is the One who was supposedly born during these times. Instead, they are viciously caught up in overspending and the pursuit of a happiness that they do not find. They are more purposed on spending extravagantly than in walking in the way that would give them true joy. The sadness that engulfs the multitudes is indicative of the enemy purposes to kill, steal and destroy.

Be thankful that you can partake of Me, and know that your souls are secure because you have repented and have forsaken the former lifestyles that held you captive in sin. No longer do you have to be driven by demons, for now you are able to be led by My Spirit. It is a good thing to know that I am indeed ever available to those who are not too proud to cry out to Me. When you consider the destruction that sin and demons render to the lost and dying souls, be constant in your testimony of My goodness.

Do not esteem yourselves as better than you are. Rather, know of a certainty that through Me the light is given continually to you as you walk in humility before Me. It is blessedness to know that My mercies are meant to be given over and over to those who are afar off from Me, as well as to those who are near to Me. Remember that I am the Creator of all humanity, and although some will never return to Me as their Creator, I desire that they would. I do not find pleasure in the death of the wicked. I find pleasure when souls will repent and be reconciled to Me as their Father, and know My infinite mercies unto them.

Be glad even now that you do not have to walk afar off from Me, but you can be uplifted and purposed in My desire and My goodness. Be thankful each day that you can know that My purposes for you are eternal and everlasting, and that you are enabled by the same to rejoice each day. You are not intended to be governed by “seasons” or “holidays.” You are meant to be covered and governed by Me as your Maker, your God.