Sin Exposure Brings Death

I speak to you this day and I ask you: Shall not I the Living God be the One who covers you in the peace that I alone can provide? I say that I desire to be your covering at all times that you may be kept in My peace when others are in anxiety and continual worry.

As you well know, multitudes in these times are full of anxiety and continual worry, because they have allowed the bad news to give them the distress they suffer day by day. Know that I do not call you to such a place. You are called to be at peace because it is Me that you are looking unto and believing in.

Be thankful this day that you can be partaking of peace in these times, that you are not covered by the unrest and turmoil on every hand. When you stop and consider the multiplied mercies that you receive every morning, how many are receiving the same?

There are few of the world’s people who ever think of starting their day in mercy, for they are driven and are ever striving for the very things that are a curse unto them. Be glad this day that you can take time to give Me thanks and praise, and to realize how important it is that you are covered by Me and not by the ugliness of the world.

I do not intend for My people to be caught up in the maze of confusion that so many live and die in. My people are intended to do My will and accomplish My purpose for them as they dwell on this earth. It is truly a grief to Me when My own people are more willing to trust the world as their covering than to trust in Me as their source and their refuge, and their high tower of strength and safety.

Be glad even this day that you do not have to walk afar off from Me, nor go in the way of the foolish. Rather, you can be coming forth in the divine wisdom that will be given to you as you ask for the same. Realize that there are indeed many pathways that people wander into, and those pathways will lead them to their own destruction and damnation. I do not call you to the broad way wherein are many masters hailing themselves as the ultimate sources of peace. Be aware that such ones are deceivers, for the peace that they offer is delusional and ends multitudes in hell.

Do not look to the world to give to you what you do not need. Rather look to Me, for I am the never-ending source and I will provide for you at all times. Be glad even this day that you are not obligated to serve many masters who are messengers of the devil. Well it is with your souls when it is Me that you are serving in the attitude of gratitude each day. It is My intention that you would proceed in the way that I have for you and be ever willing to follow the mind of My Spirit, for the same will guide you in the new way of life.

Most people think that it is too difficult to follow Me. Therefore, they settle for the wallow of sin. Little do they see that their contentment in the wallow is what will cause them to be swallowed up in hell when their lives on this earth are finished. My way is not too hard, for My way is perfect, and I provide for those who will themselves to follow Me. It is in their minds that people choose against Me then declare that My way is too hard. Be aware that to choose against Me is the assurance of damnation of soul and the destination of hell forever.

Know that My covering is the very one that has been intended for people from the beginning. Those who are accepting of My covering are brought forth knowing that I do not lead them into death and damnation. Rather, My Holy Spirit leads them forth in the abundance of truth that is My provision for those who are Mine.

Oftentimes in the natural, people die of exposure, that is, they are over exposed to elements that they do not have the stamina to overcome. By such exposure they become ill and die, some quickly, some more slowly, yet death is their end. So it is when people are continually exposed to sin and the darkness of the same. Know that they will perish in the trauma of the same. I do not call you to sin exposure by refusing My covering; I call you to be covered by Me and to know that no matter what circumstances you are in, you are covered by Me and My angels likewise.

Thank Me this day that you are enabled by Me to go forward in the way that I intend for you, and be protected by My mercies which are abundant. The horizon is indeed bleak for those who have chosen against Me. However, know that no matter the difficulty of the times, it is Me the Living God who will give to you all that you need to be kept, protected and provided for. In fact, do not look at hardship as the end of the world; look at the same as the opportunity to see repeatedly that I am the miracle working God who does miracles for you each day.

Many choose the delusion of their own understanding, only to be overwhelmed by the devices of the devil and his demons. Do not esteem yourselves to be brilliant in the spiritual sense, whereby you are deceived by pride and the demons which promote the same. Instead, choose to walk humbly with Me each day, and recognize that you need Me and that I will give to you as you ask of Me.

You can be well aware that My mercies are ever present and that I do not withhold goodness and guidance from you as you desire the same. It is by miracles of salvation that you are redeemed from the penalty of your sins, and it will be by continual miracles that you will be guided as you remain under My covering over you.