I speak to you this day and I declare to you: Do not let the devil and his demons gain the advantage over you in these times. Know of a certainty that I am the One who is indeed well able to give to you through My Holy Spirit the guidance you have need of each day.

Therefore, be thankful each day that you are not bound by circumstances or situations that attempt to accost you and overwhelm you. Realize that through My Spirit’s power you are able to ascend far above all of the wickedness that seeks to ever accost you and destroy you.

I do not intend for My people to be overwhelmed by the spirits of fear that are so prominent in these times. I intend for My people to be thankful each day that it is Me that they can look to in faith, believing, for I am the One who is their safety and their strength. It is very well pleasing to Me when the ones who are Mine know of a surety that through Me they are kept each day.

Do not by any means be disturbed by the clamoring of demonic forces that is the constant bombardment in these times. You can easily turn a deaf ear to such things and know that they are indeed undermining and will attempt to entwine you in deception. It is not My intention that My people be caught up in the deceptions of these days. It is My intention that My people be brought forth and guided in the truth by My Holy Spirit.

Know that in the years ahead there will be much more hardship for many people than is being evidenced now. Multitudes will be overwhelmed by the everyday hardships that will come their way, and by the same they will feel desolate day after day. The traumas that shall be experienced daily will either drive people more into Me, or they will cause them much sorrow and heaviness of heart.

Be thankful to Me even now that I am leading you in Me. You are to see many miracles in the years ahead as you bear witness to My goodness and My mercies that will be made evident. As you determine how important it is to be focused upon Me, do not be ashamed to recognize how much I care for you, as I have your good in mind continually.

Realize that through My mercies you are shown great abundance and given all that you need. Therefore, do not be easily swayed by the clamoring, ranting voices of demonic powers that are ever present to cause trouble and trauma to any who listen to them. Pray to become more and more attuned to the voice of My Spirit that you can and will be led forth in the power of the same. Be glad that you are not stumbling about in darkness. Rather, you are ever guided in the light that is found in Me.

If you believe that the times you are in now are tough, you are to see even harder times in the days ahead. Therefore, do not grow weary and fall down to the enticements and seductions that want to invite you to give up. Rather, look to Me and draw of the strength that I provide, and be thankful for the same. You are not intended to be living in dread and doubt; you are intended to live in the abundance of joy that is your strength.

If you stop and look at the growing army of homeless wanderers, did not I tell you years ago that the same would arise and become a plague on the land? As you see them in their rebellious desolation, know that they are there because of their own choosing to be losing. Actually, because of the ineffective leadership that is obvious throughout the land, those who are the rebellious are literally living in greater abundance than the ones who are working to support the rebellion of this army of wanderers.

Had My own people kept straight in their adherence to Me, they would have kept back this plague. However, because they have chosen to wander far from Me, their actions have opened the door to this army of homeless wanderers who are increasing in numbers.

Be thankful that I have never called you to such desolation. Rather, I have called you to remain true to Me. As you are true to Me, you can count on My mercies given to you as you need them, new every morning. Direct your thoughts to thanksgiving and gladness each day, for I am the One who will show you abundance. While you will see vast multitudes who are in real need, realize that I am your provider, and for the same, be thankful to receive each day from Me.

There are indeed many who are being overwhelmed even now, because they are facing deprivation they were not prepared for. Because of such, they are being driven by fear and agony, because they do not know what to do or where to turn. When you see them, bear witness to them of My goodness and mercy that are ever present for them to partake of and in the same find refuge. Do not fail to let them know that it is Me who is able to provide as they repent of their sins and choose My Son Jesus to be their Savior.

Take advantage of the traumatic times to declare My goodness to those who are in sufferings they did not foresee. Do not constrain the testimony of My goodness during these times. Rather, give abundant voice to the same. There will be those who will hear what you are saying, and obey the call to “Come!” being given by Jesus in these times and in the tougher times ahead. Be glad to bear the witness of the goodness that is ever available to all who will choose to believe. Rejoice to be in My great army of deliverers!