Strive for Unity

I do speak unto you this day, My people, and I say: Strive for unity among one another, that is, do not give yourselves over to gossip, backbiting and undermining one another. Rather, encourage and admonish one another to continue steadfast in My way, that you are ever kept and uplifted in My purposes and plans.

I do not want you to be afar off from Me by giving way to the enemies’ plots against you as My people. Realize that the devil and his demonic forces are destroyers and that it’s the goal that they seek to achieve by all of their ungodly, ugly works of evil. Do not be yielding to the enticements of the forces of evil that want you to backbite and devour each other. Be aware that you are absolutely not called to be partaking of such enticements and by the same be devoured.

Be thankful that you are called to be partaking of Me and observing My standards of conduct towards each other. You are to be full of love for one another and encouraging one another in the way that is purposed and provided through Me. It is My intention that you are kept in the way that is My righteousness and My holiness. It is I who leads you forth by a plain path and gives to you all that you need to be uplifted, directed, and guided forth by a plain path.

Consider how many troubles there are on this earth because people are fighting with one another in constant disputes that are the consequence of the pettiness of pride and the contention that comes from the same.

Be glad that as you adhere to My standard, you are kept in the purposes that I have for you, and you are guided forth in the goodness that I give. Do not be easily led astray and go after that which I never intended for you as My people. Rather, keep on loving each other even if you do not totally agree. Realize that petty pride will make things appear to be bigger than they are.

It is good to be able to cooperate with My purposes and My desires that you are kept in the way that is intended for you to be in.

Look at the wars among the worlds’ people at this time. They are senseless and bring death and destruction to multitudes. These are innocent of the causes for the raging pride that is being ventilated between proud and contemptuous leaders who are determined they are right when they are wrong.

Likewise, those same wars are raging even within nations, as many are dissatisfied with what is happening in these times and are ventilating their anger on one another. By their bitter contentions with each other, they are fulfilling the devil’s agenda for their lives.

I do not call you to such ugliness; I call you to Me, in order that you can be in cooperation with what I have intended and do ordain. Therefore, do not go in the way of fools. Rather, come forth in My way and be made glad to partake of the higher life that I give to you as you obey.

Remember this: You have been given exactly what you need, and in the same you are being uplifted and brought forth to rejoice that I am your Maker, Keeper and Provider. There is none other who does for those people they rule that can compare to Me in compassion, mercy and abundance of goodness.

It is My intention that you would be putting your efforts into building up My purposes and not your own. You are not meant to cooperate with the devil’s agenda and by the same undermine My purposes and plans. It is indeed a privilege to be partakers of the heavenly dimensions that are found in Me, and to know that I am ever present to give to you all that you have need of each and every day.

Realize that My purposes are for your growth and development in Me. They are not for you to be lured into the darkness that is ever present to bring you to ruination. My purposes are eternal and are for you to live in My kingdom here and forever. Keeping this in mind, know that you are to strive to maintain unity with those who are likewise of My fold and true followers of My purposes.

There are many nations and colors of people, yet in the beginning they were all of one blood, and they are not meant to be in contention with one another. It is My intention that men and women would strive to be at peace with each other to prevent undue misery. Therefore, be glad that you have been given the opportunity to be My people and to live by the principles that I have intended.

Seek to promote peace and not pride, for in the same you will see the abundance of mercies that I give to you each day. There are many causes for contention, but I do not call you to be disputing and discouraging one another in a way that will bring destruction of My purposes. Be thankful that My purposes are ever available to you, and you are meant to choose to walk in the plan that I provide. Serve in the attitude of gratitude, and know beyond a doubt that My way is the best way, because it is what I purposed people for in the beginning.

Do not entertain sin in your thoughts, for the same will manifest in your actions, and you will find yourselves indulging in the same. Keep your hearts stayed upon Me, for I am the One you are subject unto. Thank Me that you do not have to be victims, but you can be victors through Me.