Double-Minded Are in Double Trouble

I speak to you this day, as you are My people and I am your God, and I declare to you that you will receive the rewards of the righteous as you remain true and faithful to Me. Those who are considered acceptable in My sight are the ones who keep themselves clean from the filthiness of the world and the seductions to sin.

Disappointed I am in the double-minded who are fluctuating between two masters and not remaining true to Me as the One God they serve. They look to the world, then they try to copy the same, all for naught. Because they are esteeming themselves to be more perceptive than they are, they come to accept the way of the world above My way. As they do so, their behaviors and their attitudes become worldly and not godly.

Double-minded persons are not satisfied with serving two masters. They will increase in their adulterous conduct, and they will be seeking for many masters, all to no avail. Be warned that such ones take to themselves many masters, and by the same they are deceived to commit any number of spiritual and natural adulteries.

You are not meant to be adulterous; you are meant to be faithful and true to Me, My Son and the Holy Spirit. There are many who are in desolation of soul in these times, because they have given themselves over to spiritual harlotry through their lusting for, and walking in the ways of the world, the broad ways that lead to destruction.

Be glad that you have been given the Holy Spirit to guide you forth in the straight and narrow way that I ordain, and that you are purposed for My intentions and not the intentions of the world. As you know, there are multitudes in these times who have purposed themselves for the vanities that pass away, and they gain nothing from the same. In the end, they are left bitter and desolate.

When it is Me that you are serving, then you are guided forth by the plain path that I have ordained and purposed for you to walk in. I do not intend for you to live in estrangement from Me; I intend you to live in increasing closeness to Me, for I am your God and your Maker. As you are accepting of My desire, you will see how important it is that you keep your hearts with diligence and obedience to Me.

Do not allow the enemies to put lies in your minds whereby you are willing to receive the lies of liars and run with the same. Consider that I am purposing you to accept with gladness My directives and commands given through the Holy Spirit that you can be filled with joy rather than despair.

Do not let accusing spirits come into your lives, for the same will undermine your relationship with Me. When the demonic forces offer you accusations, do not accept those and let them breed in your hearts. If you have believed the lies of the demons and you see the error of your way, repent and refuse the offer to more accusation.

Remember, the devil, who is the chief of the demon forces, will bombard you with accusations, because he is the accuser of the brethren. Know that his goal is to not only get you to accuse one another, but to get you to accuse Me.

Be thankful that you can repent and return to right standing with Me, and that in the same you are kept from the uncleanness of the world’s ways. You are not meant to be recipients of the accusations of the devil. You are given purpose and the will that I ordain as you obey and come forth in the commands given to you by the Holy Spirit. It is indeed a good thing to know that through Me you are enabled to come forth and uplifted in My purpose and My plan as you are intended.

Do not be deceived by the lies of the devil. Rather, be perceptive of the cruelty of the same. Remember, the devil has the goal of total destruction to any and all who will believe upon Me and partake of that which I give to them. Therefore, do not be easily enticed to believe lies. Rather, contend for the truth, because it is the truth that sets you free from the devil and his demon forces. Reality is that the purposes of the devil are evil and will always be the same. You are not meant to be receiving those purposes; you are meant to be receiving Me as the One you want to please.

Of course, you are living in times when many are dumbly accepting lies day after day, and they mold their lives according to the same. Because they are of the mind of the world, they do not perceive the never-ending deceits that are assailing them and causing them fear and anxiety on every hand.

I do not call you to such; I call you to Me. Be steadily pointing the ones who are in such mindsets to Me, and declaring to them the security that I offer in these turbulent times. Do not alter your belief, nor your trust in Me, to become pleasing to people of the world. Continue in the way that I purpose you, and know of a certainty that through that purpose you are given the blessedness that I have in store for you.

I do not call you to be troubled on every hand; I call you to be thankful that it is Me you can be serving with gladness and rejoicing. Be not giving yourselves to the forebodings of the mediums of darkness. Listen to My Spirit speak to you, and obey the directives of the same. Be aware that My purposes and intentions for you are good and not evil, and that by Me you are guided forth in the plain path that I have ordained. Keep giving thanks and praise.