Runaway Slaves Find Refuge in God

I speak to you this day and I say: Let praise and thanks become your habit. That is, be continuing to rejoice no matter what you are living through. I do not want you to concentrate on the negative; I want you to concentrate on the positive, for you are serving Me, the God who has created all life. Be glad and give honor and glory unto Me inasmuch as you have been delivered out of the way of sin and death and are now in the way of life, love and light that I do purpose you for.

Because My Son Jesus completed His course, the powers of death have been defeated for all who believe in Him as their Master and Lord. Do not think that I have called you to demonic darkness, for I have not. I have called you to the eternal life where My light, which is glorious, is present in abundance. When people are walking in My light, then they are not taken down under the ugliness that surrounds them in this wicked and weary world. For their own betterment, they are provided with the gracious goodness that I am able to give to all who are looking to Me each day.

Therefore, be glad that you are not pushed down into the mire of sin by demons day after day, nor are you caught up in the cruel cares that rule over carnality with oppressive fear and worry. Instead, you are enabled to be rejoicing for the absolute power that is found in and through Me as you adhere to the commands and directives of the Holy Spirit.

Everyone is in bondage in one form or another. However, those who are in bondage to Me are ruled in loving, compassionate mercies. Those who are in bondage to the world are ruled in constant, oppressive slavery, as their master is the devil. Consider how privileged you are to be ruled by Me and to know My mercies in your lives continually. Be glad that you do not have to be found in the oppressive realms of cruelty that are resulting in despair and damnation of your souls.

As you are My people, you are given the opportunity to serve Me with hope in your hearts. All who are trusting in Me will not be ashamed, for they are able to see that I am ever present and that mercy is My mode, rather than cruelty. While I send forth My Spirit to call sinners to repent, I do so because I am loving them and desiring them to be brought forth in the abundance of life that is awaiting them.

My Son Jesus has already paid the price for all who will repent to be forgiven. The only hindrance which prevents sinners from receiving forgiveness is their own choices. When people choose against Me, I do not want them dead; I want their eyes to be opened to see the prison houses of shame that they are in. Likewise, I desire for those who see the error of their ways to turn from oppression and return to the mercies that I give in great abundance.

Be knowing of a surety that through the Holy Spirit you are led forth in purity. You are not left to flounder in the filthiness of sin; you are uplifted and led forth in the pathway of purity, which is the highway of My holiness. Inasmuch as you are My people, you are intended to shine forth with the joy that I give to My own. If you keep steadily looking to Me, then you are given the great abundance that I alone can and do provide. Do not ever think that I want you to be devoured by darkness. No, you are meant to be uplifted in My light and to be reflecting the same, shining forth in this sinful, dark world.

Since you are literally runaway slaves who have been freed by Me, continue to be thankful for the shelter and protection that you receive in and through Me. As you are pursuing the course that I give to you, so are you enabled to be uplifted and guided day by day. This means in essence that you are not under the hateful, destructive master you once were in bondage to as sin slaves. Now, as those who are classified as runaway slaves, you find that I am your Keeper, the One who keeps you each day.

Because you have known the cruelty of the old master, be glad that you can partake even today of My rule over you. Now, you can tell others who are still in bondage to the devil of the new life found through salvation in Jesus Christ. When you bear witness to others, you are literally throwing out the rope of hope to those who are drowning in the sea of iniquity. Those who will grab hold of that rope of hope will be pulled up and out of the raging waters of death that want to drown them in sin.

Although many will refuse to be redeemed because of their own foolish choices, do not give up in declaring My kingdom to the lost and dying. It is not intended that you would give up easily to the pressures of enemy forces, nor are you to succumb to their madness and be overwhelmed in the sadness and despair that they use to hold their captives in darkness. Rather, you are to rejoice to be redeemed. As you are rejoicing, you will feel great surges of joy because you are no longer in bondage to the ruler of darkness. You are literally now children of the King and enabled to live in the glorious way that you are purposed for.

Be glad this day that you do not have to be fearful nor fretful. Instead, you can be full of faith and hope, because I am with you and I am your God. Let divine awareness become your reality, so that you remain in communication with Me no matter what is happening around you. Remember you are not abandoned nor neglected; you are adopted and protected by My great and exceeding love for you as My children.