Don’t Be Under the Spell of Hell

I speak to you this day and I declare it to you that I do not intend for My people to be subject to the terror tactics of the wicked. The wicked are forever plotting and scheming against the just. However, as My people, you are not intended to live in the fear of them, nor to be defeated by their ways and means, whereby they take multitudes into captivity and bondage. Know that it is Me the Living God who is aware of every tactic of the enemy forces. I am the One who will give you the strategies to defeat their efforts to overthrow and destroy you.

Be aware that as My people, you are meant to come forth triumphant in truth. In the interest of your spiritual development, My Spirit is ever with you and in you, guiding you forth in the truth. You are not intended to be under the terror tactics, nor the never-ending lies of the wicked. Rather, you are to go forward in the assurance that I am your God and I do not leave you nor depart from any who walks uprightly and keeps their vision on Me.

As you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, you will see that I am greater than any force of darkness, and that as My people, you are uplifted above the realms of carnality where the enemy forces make their abode. By the power of My Spirit, you are given the ability to ascend into the realms of glory wherein I abide. When you are in those realms, your perceptions are increased and you are by the same given insight into My purposes and plans for you that you do not have to fall under the spell of hell.

Thank Me that through Me the strength that you have need of is ever available to you that you can come forth ever rejoicing because it is Me who is your help and the One who gives you what you need. I never ask My people to do anything that I do not provide for. However, it is indeed the walk of daily increasing in faith as you will see that My provision, like the manna in the wilderness, is oftentimes present only as the need arises.

Do not establish your life in Me on your own abilities, your own resources, your own interests. When you are trusting that I am able, then you will see that I am the foundation that is not shaken by circumstances, nor times, nor situations that pass away. Those who are trusting in themselves are trusting in the things that pass away and make themselves wings. As My people, you are not to be dependent on the arm of flesh, for the same is cursed by Me. The ones who are Mine are meant to be trusting, believing and hoping in Me, for I am the One who is far above all of the resources of carnal men and women.

Be thankful that you do not need to fear as do the heathen for your carnal needs. I as your Heavenly Father know exactly what you have need of, and I will continue to provide the same. Therefore, do not grow weary in well doing. Continue as a steadfast people who are ever focused on Me as the Almighty God whose power and glory remain.

I do not want My people to be overwhelmed in these times by listening to the many voices of fear and terror that are present. Reality is that those voices are the voices of demons who desire to see My people destroyed. As My chosen ones, you are not meant to be destroyed; you are meant to keep on believing and trusting in Me, for I am the One who is caring for you at all times.

Therefore, do not be weary in battle. Rather, look to be replenished time and again, as I am the never-ending strength in times of need. Do not be ashamed to confess your need of Me, for as you do, the goodness that I give to you will uplift you and bring you forth in renewed strength and power.

In following the mind of My Spirit, your spiritual senses will be exercised to the extent that you are no longer dull in discerning. Rather, as your senses are exercised, you will be enabled to discern clearly between good and evil. As this ability increases, you will see clearly and quickly the terror tactics of enemy forces, not only against yourselves, but against others.

The devil and his demons want to wear down and wear out those who are continuing in truth. This is so that My people will abandon themselves to lies and be covered in deceit. Such deceptions as are dished out by the enemies will undermine the confidence of My people in Me and will likewise contaminate their integrity of relationship with Me.

Do not let the many voices convince you of the lies they spew forth. All that they do is attempt to contaminate and devastate My people in order to gain control over those who are upright in Me. Understand clearly: You are not meant to be in subjectivity to such forces of iniquity by listening to their lies. Rather, you are meant to be in cooperation with the directives of My Spirit. My Spirit has been given to guide you in triumphant truth, so that you are brought forth as victors not victims.

Be aware that by the virtue of who I am, you can be confident that I am ever available. I am ever aware of all that is transpiring with you and in you. Therefore, be faithful to keep your hearts with diligence, and your eyes single unto Me. Do not get eyes full of adultery and turn to those things that I have never intended for you to partake of. Instead, stay true and be found well pleasing because you keep the covenants you have made with Me.

Those who keep their vows to Me will be kept by Me. They will see that indeed My Spirit is with them. I send My angels to them when they have need of the same. There is no needed good thing that I withhold from My people, for I do provide at all times for My own.