Walk in Beauty

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Do not be fearful, neither doubtful, nor anxious, for I am with you and I make the way for you. As My people, know that there are evil days on the horizon. Yet, if you keep stayed on Me, you will see that yes, I keep you and provide for you. Do not be overwhelmed by the darkness of these days. Rather, be rejoicing that it is Me who is your God.

Consider how many there are who are completely alone, isolated and unable to receive help, because they are crying out to false gods who do nothing for them. How fortunate you are to know Me, the Living God, as the one you serve and the one you do obey. When you cry out and pray to Me, I hear you and I answer you. Be thankful this day that your lives are not spent in the empty futility of idolatry.

It is My intention that My people would be trusting, believing and looking to Me as their ever present help in time of need. As My people are stabilized in Me, they likewise will not panic, nor turn back under pressure to the former rudiments that ruled their lives and kept them in captivity to the slavery of sin. Realize beyond all doubt that I am with those who are looking to Me as their never ending source and knowing that through Me they shall prevail and continue steadfast.

When I call you, know that I know who you are and I am well aware of your faults, failures, sins and deceits. However, beyond all that you are under the covering of the devil and his demons, I know what you are meant to be as you give yourselves to My Son’s call to salvation.

Therefore, do not by any means be trusting in the total powers of darkness that are rampaging in the land, no matter what tactic they may use to entice you back into sin. Realize that when you surrender to Jesus as your Savior, you begin a completely new life in Me. You are now purchased with the price of My Son’s sacrifice, and the same will cause you to understand clearly that He is the very precious who gave Himself for your redemption.

My intentions for your lives are good, and you are meant to fulfill those things that I intend and to come forth uplifted and rejoicing that through Me you are given the opportunity to live a fruitful, abundant and long life. My people are not meant to be discouraged, defeated, nor depressed. My people are meant to be ever thankful that they have been set free to walk on the freedom road that is the straight and narrow way of eternal life.

You are not meant to dwell on the ugliness that is all around, nor are you to give yourselves over to the fear that has taken vast multitudes into control and is keeping them bound. Rather, you are to walk in beauty, because My way is beautiful and My way is abundance of mercies. Just because the times that you are living in are ugly, you do not need to become ugly, nor do you need to partake of those dreadful demonic powers that want to totally destroy any and all who will believe on them. Be glad that you can come forth uplifted and rejoicing for the abundance that is ever present in Me, for I love you, as you are purposed for Me.

This day, do not grow weary in well doing. Rather, continue each day to choose for My kingdom purposes and not according to your own understanding. It is by Me that you are guided forth and shown the infinite mercies that I will give to you, and as you partake of those mercies, you are made glad that I am your God.

Remember you are to walk in beauty as you keep on praising Me and believing what I say rather than what the mediums of death are declaring. You are not to give your ears to those messengers of darkness, nor take in the forecasting for the future. All of their tales only lead to deeper fear captivity and dread, where depression and death wait to embrace and engulf any who will follow the mediums of the media.

Be serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, for I do not leave you to sink in the filthy mire of the world. I bring you forth by and through My Holy Spirit that is ever present to show you the pathway of beauty in this ugly, sin-ravaged world. When you are steadily persistent in following Me, there is no way that the wicked ones can literally destroy you. This is because you are hidden with Christ in Me.

All of their efforts to destroy you will amount to absolutely nothing, because they are choosing the very course that will prove to be their destruction. Know of a surety that I am your protector and I am your provider. There is no reason for you to be overwhelmed. There is every reason for you to be directed, corrected, and guided in the light that I give to you, that keeps you in My peace and protection.

Keep your hearts with diligence, realizing how important it is that you are focused on Me and not on the circumstances that are present in your lives. Remember that it is Me the Living God who is far above the circumstances that want to beset you, overtake you, and overwhelm you with the fears that have the multitudes bound.

Realize that you are called to walk in beauty, as you are likewise to walk in faith and not fear. Be remembering that through My mercies you are guided each day in the glorious goodness of who I am. Give Me honor for the blessings you receive, knowing they come of Me. Do not take My glory, but recognize that I am your never-ending source.