Digression from God Is Destruction

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Continue to do battle against the forces of evil. I do not want you to be overwhelmed by such powers, for they are sent by the wicked one to devour and destroy you, and take you in the way that is overwhelming multitudes. You are living in times when the powers of evil have risen high, because the devil is attempting to convince souls of their absolute need of his seducing lies.

Inasmuch as you are My people, you are not meant to be enticed and seduced by the falsehoods that are so commonplace and prevalent in these times. Rather, you are to cleave steadfastly to the truth that you are being led into by My Holy Spirit, as the same uplifts you each day and you are guided forth by the plain path that I give to those who will follow hard after Me as their Maker, their Keeper, their God, and their source.

Be glad each day that it is Me that you are serving, for when you are ever purposed for Me, then you are not being led into the ditch of destruction; you are being guided in the straight and narrow way wherein you are kept despite the enemy attacks against you. As you may wonder why the enemies hate you so much when you are not “powerful” in the eyes of the world. the reality is that the devil and his forces hate and despise all who will remain attentive to Me and walk in the way that I intend for them to walk in day by day. In obedience to Me is found great and lasting power, because I am ever present to keep the ones who will cleave to Me in obedience and steadfast commitment.

When you look at the darkness that is present in these times, know that the same is the representation of wickedness and evil on every hand. My people are not meant to digress and estrange themselves from Me by going after the folly and the foolery that is always around. Rather, My people are meant to be ever uplifted and brought forth in the light, the life and the love that I give, knowing that they have found the higher way wherein I make My abode. Be glad even now that you do not need to digress and follow the stupidity that evidences itself to any and all who are fools enough to follow.

The purpose that I set before you is to keep on faithfully standing for My kingdom and the promotion of the same. Of course, you will encounter warfare again and again, because the devil and his demons want to possess every person on earth. However, they shall not achieve their plans, because I am ever present to give My strength and power to My people in order that they shall not be trampled. Instead, My people will trample the forces of darkness and show that the same are lies and deceptions sent to entice many into the web of deception and death.

When you are being honest with yourselves, then you are able to accept the way that you are led forth. You will realize you do not shape yourselves, but that I am the potter and you are the clay, and that you are being made into what I desire you to be. Those who are impressed with themselves are being taken down the death road that is pride. They will think that what they want is more important than any other thing, and by such misconceptions, they are living in the realms that I do not intend for them to be involved in.

Realize that pride has many tentacles, and those will grip men, women and children in death as a giant octopus, squeezing the life out of them. You are not meant to fall into such misfortune because you linger too long in the presence of the proud. You are meant to keep on traveling onward and to know that I desire you to walk in humility, not pride. Be glad even now that you do not have to walk afar off from Me. Rather, you can be close to Me, because you are loving the truth and choosing the same each day.

Do not think that the battle is over, because as long as there are souls perishing, you must continue to fight the good fight of faith. Some choose to retire while I still have work for them to do. Such ones as these are taking their lives back, and by the same become a shame to Me. I do not intend for men and women to deviate from the vows and promises they have made to Me. I intend for them to remain true to the same.

This day, be serving Me with gladness and rejoicing, because you are privileged to receive My light upon the path, and you do not have to stumble in darkness. Those who do not have My light are stumbling and falling down repeatedly, because they are in the darkness that is so present.

Do not neglect to exhibit the light that I have given to you, and be glad that you can partake of the same each day. By knowing Me as your Savior and Lord, so are you ever being guided in the truth that I give to you each day. Do not walk afar off from Me. Rather, be made glad that I am the omnipresent God who is with you.

You are not meant to keep your vision entirely on yourselves. You are meant to realize that My plan and My purpose are far above anything that you esteem to be important and that you think is absolutely necessary. When you are living in the way that I have intended, you are kept in My purpose and plan. My purpose and plan includes that you die to yourselves, take up your cross, and follow in the steps of My Son Jesus.

Consider: Jesus did not come to this earth to do His own will, but rather to fulfill My will. So it is, that you are called to fulfill My will and not your own, because you realize that what I want is what matters most and what you must do on this earth.