Transgression Repossession

I speak to you this day and I say: Be steadfast in your covenant with Me. I do expect that My people would recognize that it is important that they keep their covenant agreements with Me and do not alter the same. When people remain respecting their vows unto Me, then I remain honoring them because they are well pleasing to Me. I do not want My people to be as the ones who have chosen to believe in and trust other gods. Those who turn aside to other gods are turning to troubles, treachery and tough times.

I expect and require that those who are claiming to be Mine will remain true and faithful unto Me. I am true to My people and I expect the same in return. In historical perspective, when My people of old remained true to Me, then they were kept in the powerful way that I gave to them, which kept them in the face of many dangers and attacks that could have destroyed them completely. They knew that it was Me the Living God who kept them in My mercies, because they kept their covenants with Me.

However, when these same people got eyes full of adultery for the ways of the heathen round about, they were weakened by sinful desires and actions. They knew what it was to live without My covering over them. They deteriorated and met with destruction, which caused them many sorrows that came upon them and were not necessary had they remained true to Me. It is My determination that My people keep their agreements with Me, for I am blessing them in the same. When they choose to self-inflict sorrows upon themselves, it is by their own choices that they undergo hardships that are not necessary for them to enter into at all.

Consider that inasmuch as your covenants with Me are agreements, and they are legal in the courts of heaven, they remain standing. If you choose to violate such covenants and go a whoring after the ways of death wherein the heathen are bound, then you suffer the consequences of choices against Me.

In the world, if a person agrees to purchase possessions, then does not keep up the payments for the said possessions, then the same are repossessed by the former owners or the financiers of the agreement. So it is in My kingdom, that when people vow themselves to keep in Me, then they turn aside and take up transgressions against Me, they prove themselves as unfit. It is I, who because of their transgressions, move into repossession, and they lose what they had. No longer do they have the very things they vowed that they wanted, because they failed to keep their covenant, their agreements with Me.

Many of them, when they first taste the sweetness of their folly, do not even want the former life. However, they do not know that the same sweet sins will become bitter and nauseating, as they have given themselves to the same in abandonment of My way. Because as with Eve, they believed the lies of the serpent, they lost out with Me and went in the way of deception, which included separation from Me.

Keep your vows and your covenants that you have made with Me in the attitude of gratitude. Reality is, the world and all of its wisdom is foolishness before Me. There is no one in the world who can save you or anyone else from the penalty of their sins. It is only by believing in Jesus My Son as Savior that people are saved from the penalty of their sins. Because He laid His life down, He became the Savior, the Redeemer, and the One who is the restorer of believers unto Me.

Be glad that you do not have to suffer under transgression repossession because you are failing to keep your agreements with Me. Instead, be diligent to keep what you have committed to Me, and be thankful that through Me so are you enabled time and again to be true and faithful to what you have vowed and committed to Me.

When hard times hit, many people lose out because they are unable to keep up the payments they vowed themselves unto. Then the possessions they considered to be precious are no longer theirs, because they transgressed the agreement and their possessions are repossessed.

In My kingdom, when hard times hit, it is Me who will make the way for My people as they are determined to keep their covenants with Me, for I am the One who is the enabler, and I do enable My people to keep on in the way that I have ordained as they are keeping their vision and commitment single unto Me.

Be thankful this day that in the times that you are in, you are being kept by My hand of mercy over you. Daily, you are guided by My Holy Spirit and you will not end in the ditch, because you will be enabled to keep on going despite the cruel cares of this life on earth. Serve with gladness, and you will reap in joy because I am your strength and your provider in such times as these.

Do not live in the fears of the future that want to grip you and hold you in the death vice of uncertainty. Know that I will provide, and I will give to you exactly what you have need of in every circumstance and situation. Thank Me that I alone am well able and I do not leave you alone, nor do I abandon you.

Remember, I am your heavenly Father and I do not neglect My children, nor do I abandon them as they remain true to Me. Thank Me that you do not need to be as those who have gone in the way of transgressors. Rather, you can continue in the way of those who are possessors of that which is given by Me. Rejoice in Me!