Liars Disclaiming Hell Are Hell Bound

I speak unto you this day and I say that in abandonment unto Me, so shall you find rest and the peace that can only come from Me. When My people are holding on to their own strength, they hinder My working in their lives. Then they grow angry at Me, without realizing that they are the hindrance which is causing them more and more distress.

I do not want My people to be in such a mindset, because it is very upsetting and causes them to be unduly distraught, as they are believing in their own capabilities rather than My abilities. Stop and consider: It was not by any man or woman’s own strength or capabilities that they were redeemed from the penalty of their sins. It was, is, and always will be through My Son Jesus that sins are forgiven and My people are brought forth in the righteousness of who I am.

Be thankful unto Me that you have been given salvation and that you did not earn it through your own capabilities or efforts. As those who have received the FREE GIFT, recognize that the same has been given freely to you. Likewise, you are to tell others of the free gift of love that has been purchased through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, My Son, your Savior.

Therefore, do not be as the foolish, who are looking to their strength as though they had the capabilities of pulling themselves through whatever hard times they are involved in. Realize that as you will abandon trusting in yourselves, you will be enabled to trust in Me. I am the One who is indeed well able, and I will give to you all that you need each and every day. When you will get out of the way and understand that I am the way, then are you enabled to receive My mercies each day.

Understand that it is My intention to give to you all that you need each day so you can be shown the blessedness that I give to you and be partaking of the same. When you are partaking of the good things, you will see that you have no complaint that is justified in My sight. Thank Me and praise Me that you are given the purpose and the plan that I intend for you to walk in and fulfill in your journey here on earth. Do not hesitate to be with Me and to know that I will be there for you. My people are not intended to be “self-sufficient.” They are intended to be God-dependent.

To be God-dependent is the place that I desire for you to be. Then you are looking to Me as your source, and are not depending on yourselves. Thank Me that as you are abandoned to Me, you will see that yes, I am able. You will not be weighed down by “self-sufficiency.” Instead, you will be shown the abundance of mercies that I give to you, and you will be able to rejoice, for it is Me who makes the way for you.

If you consider the many adventures that I lead My people into as they follow My Spirit, it is by far the most exciting life anyone can have on earth. While multitudes are seeking for adventures and challenges, realize that they are not serving Me, and they can, in all of their adventure lust, end up dead and damned in the same. Believe Me, there is nothing exciting about being plunged or hurled into hell. Those who are damned will never escape the prison houses of torment that lock them in forever.

There are false messengers aplenty who claim that there is no hell, and that as one passes into death they are received by the loving arms of some great beings. However, such falsity keeps many supposing that they are fine, no matter what they choose to do in this life. Such false teachings have robbed many people of their own salvation, and they end in damnation forever. What they yield to the liars is their very souls in believing the “easy way lying messengers” who are promising them things that they will not receive.

Be glad that you are redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, who is your Savior and Lord. No matter how fancy the liars present their lies, they will always exclude the fact that Jesus is My Son and the One that I have given as the substitute for all people’s sins. Whenever you hear the messengers who are exuding great promises yet they are excluding My Son, I will warn you to beware of them, for they are dangerous demons.

Jesus is the way that I have given for all peoples who will believe upon Him and be truly repentant of their sins, to come unto Me for restoration to My kingdom. I have never intended that My people would be caught up in the maze of confusion that so many are bound in, whereby they do not trust themselves to Me. Rather, the ones who are living in the vain imaginations as to how great they are, like they are equal with Me, are partaking of total deception and conjecture.

Do not live in the imaginary world that takes you into pride and a false estimation as to your own worth. When any is vainly puffed up in their carnal minds and assuming powers that do not belong to them, they are lying messengers who are being empowered by the devil and his demon forces. I do not call you to be so deceived; I call you to come forth, made glad and given My light each day because you are desiring the truth and will be guided in the same by My Holy Spirit.

It has never been intended that men, women and children would be deceived by lying messengers. Yet, because of the mental conditioning that they are open to every day through the media mediums, they end in total destruction and damnation because they believe lies and lying messengers!