Traitor or True?

I speak to you this day and I would ask you: Will you be true to Me, or will you choose to be a traitor? There are multitudes who are in hell even now because they chose to become traitors on Me and the purposes intended for their lives. In their choices, they proved themselves to be unworthy of being counted among the redeemed. Because of the primary elements of doubt, fear, unbelief, jealousy, envy, strife and unforgiveness, these ones chose against Me and went after the world and its vanities.

For whatever reason men and women turn aside, they are not justified in the same. True sons and daughters who remain faithful and obedient to Me are few and far between. If you consider the foolish vanities that people give themselves unto in this life, it is evident that they are adulterous and pretentious regarding their commitments and their vows to Me. Such as these are right in their own eyes, because they want to have sin rather than righteousness in their lives on earth.

However, in their short-sighted views, they fail to consider that eternity awaits them, and that by their wrong choices here they are choosing eternity in hell rather than heaven. Many of them cannot be convinced to return to Me once they have tasted of the so-called freedom that awaits them in sin. So, convinced by demons that they have found the better way, they go in the broad way that leads to destruction. In such blinded choices for damnation, they are taken far from Me and are headed to their own destruction, without a care in this life.

There are countless multitudes who are in hell, who took the wrong turn on their “joyrides” and ended up dead prematurely and in hell, with no chance to repent. Many of the fatalities that take place are the consequence of the wrong choices of those who were once on the narrow way of life and safety. Yet, because of their traitorous hearts, they went the broad way, and their joyrides ended in their destruction.

Be thankful that you do not have to be among the fools who choose to go on the joyrides that destroy them. Rather, you can keep on the straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life, and know that you are being kept by Me as the One who cares for you. Rejoice that you have been redeemed and are returned to My fold. Likewise, you have been given My Holy Spirit to guide you forth by a plain path each and every day. There is no reason whatsoever to give way to the baser elements that want to guide you into the way of traitors, where you will die and be damned.

When you really consider the consequences of being a traitor, they are very ugly, and those making such choices pay for the same. Be glad this day that you are not found in the way of false freedom, running after folly, chasing the wind, and ending up desolate and depressed. Through being true to Me, you are living a life of abundance in the goodness that I provide and want you to live in.

Therefore, do not think that you must be led by demons, no matter how enticing they may be in their invitations to you. Realize that they have the intention of beckoning you into the broad way of betrayal towards Me, which is the sentence of death. Do not imagine that I want you in the broad way; nor do I want you dead and damned.

As My true ones, you are to continue in the pathway that My Spirit leads you each and every day. You are not meant to follow the ways of wickedness and seek to justify the same, nor are you meant to play the whore on Me in your deeds, then wipe your mouths and claim that you have done no evil.

If you look at the times and the conditions of people, you can see clearly that they have proven themselves to be traitors, and have literally by their own choices chosen to live in their self-imposed prison camps. Each one who is a traitor knows within their own hearts that by their choices they are destined to death and damnation. They, for the most part, do not even want to repent and return to Me, because they think they are enjoying the pleasures of sin for a season.

The things that demons convince them are pleasurable are really nothing more than the crafty inventions that appeal to their sensuous natures and ensnare them in the lusts of the flesh. Of course, not all fall prey to the same destructive forces, yet they chose their folly according to their lusts.

Once they choose such courses, few of them are ever returned to right standing with Me. This is because the walls of pride rise up around them and the gates to freedom are locked shut against them. Facing this dreadful prison house of shame, they go deeper and deeper into the sinkhole of sin, and there they remain subject to the bleakness of the same.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude because you have been redeemed and returned to My fold. Indeed, you are privileged to be enabled to come forth in the newness of life that I give and to know the power that is found in and through Me. That is, through Me you have the power to resist, refuse and rebuke the lying spirits that want to ensnare you and entangle you in lies.

You are not destined to be traitors full of treachery; you are called to be true and triumphant over the forces of darkness. As you are true and triumphant, you will be thankful and rejoicing in Me.