Stinking Rotting Corpse

I speak to you this day, My people, and I ask you: Is there any other that does as I do for you? Never has any been able, nor will any be able to do what only I can do. This is because I am God and I am far above all men. Therefore, keep your vision single unto Me and know that through Me you are kept, provided for, and guided by My Spirit in the way that I intend.

When you hear the ones who are full of murmuring and complaining against Me, why is it so? It is because they are imagining that they could do better for themselves than I do for them. However, the same is not true, for there is none who is capable of surpassing Me.

Those who are full of complaints are merely manifesting inward resentment against Me, for they are assuming that they know more than they do. Likewise, they are trusting in themselves without considering, that the very life that they have within them has been given by Me. If I were to withdraw from them, they would see how utterly weak and feeble they could easily become.

I have never called My people to trust in the arm of flesh; I have called My people to trust in Me. When the ones who claim to be My people are trusting in themselves, they are relying on that which I never intended for them to depend upon. Those who are trusting in the arm of flesh are cursed by the same.

Do not be living in delusions as to your own capabilities. Rather, realize your utter need of Me. Likewise, see how really ugly you can be without My covering over you, and know that I do not find pleasure in those who are full of rebellion against Me.

Be serving Me this day in gratitude, for not only have you been redeemed; you have been given the multiplied mercies that are new for you each and every morning. Rejoice that you do not have to face your days with fear, dread and anxiety. Instead, each and every morning you can partake of the mercies that I have for you as you realize that I am with you and will give you exactly what you need each day.

As you grow in abandonment unto Me, you will find that My Spirit continues to invade and to show up those areas of your lives that you do not want others to know about. The Spirit does this in order that you will be made clean both inwardly and outwardly. Be thankful that you do not have to be in subjectivity to the works of darkness. Consider, if you are harboring inward darkness, that the same will weaken you, and you can be seduced and enticed away from the new life that is full of light.

Therefore, do not attempt to quench the Spirit. Rather, welcome the invasion of My Spirit into your hearts, revealing the secret closets of darkness and driving out demon powers. Be thankful that each day you can be uplifted and directed in the purpose that I have for you. As you are accepting My purpose, so are you shown over and over that I am indeed the One who has given meaning to your lives. Know of a surety that all that I do for you is meant to bring you closer to Me and made free of the darkness and hidden sins that linger within.

Truly, as you desire to be made clean in your inward parts, so are you washed from the filthiness of the flesh and spirit. Realize that the work that I do in you is being done because I love you and desire to see you brought forth by the plain path that I intend for you. Therefore, serve Me in the attitude of gratitude, thankful that I am ever present both in you and through you, to give to you all that you have need of each day.

Those who are accepting of My mercies are ever guided forth in the same because it is Me that they love. I do not withhold any good thing from the ones who are welcoming the ministry of the Spirit to lead and guide them forth.

If a man has a dead rat in his house, his whole house is offensive because of the odors that are present and permeating everything. So it is, when My people have those dead things within that must be exposed and driven out, they are stinking before Me.

Realize that I do not enjoy the smell of death, and when My people need to be set free, I send My Spirit to do the work of invading and ridding them of the foul dead things that need to be thrown out. Be thankful that it matters to Me, My Son, and the Holy Spirit that My people come forth in the purpose, the plan, and the desire that I ordain for them.

As you let your eyes be opened to My intentions, you will see that they are good and not evil, and that there is nothing really that you are justified to complain about, for if you are in the midst of ugly circumstances, realize that you can find beauty in Me. If you are being buffeted for your identity with My Son, know that you will be rewarded as you endure the suffering and give Me praise.

The more that you accept the reality of the pain of divine love, the more that you are enabled to endure the pain with gladness and rejoicing. Do not by any means imagine that the fool’s way is better than My way. The broad way that multitudes go into is full of death and damnation. The same carries the stench of death continually, no matter how much people try to cover their filthiness with perfumes and colognes. Nothing can cover the stench except repentance and acceptance of the Spirit’s invading and penetrating love.

Be thankful that you are not a stinking and rotting corpse. Rather, you are full of the purity of My presence and the cleanliness of the same. Do not dwell in the filth of the old attitudes. Let gratitude become your identity in Me!