Those Hating Jesus Do So Because They Hated Me Too

I speak to you this day and I would ask you: Can you even imagine the agony that My Son suffered on the cross to redeem people from the penalty of their sins? He was not a criminal, nor had He done anyone wrong. In fact, He was blameless and spotless before Me. However, because of evil men motivated by demon powers, He was treated shamefully, made a public spectacle of, and nailed to the cross for His so-called crimes.

Those who hated Him and desired Him dead found their ally in Judas Iscariot, who was greedy for gain and jealous of My Son. Therefore, even though Judas knew how pure My Son was, he joined the conspirators in order to make gain off of selling Jesus out to His enemies. When Jesus was crucified, He bore the shame, He bore the pain, and He died in victory because He had finished what it was that I desired for Him to do.

He was the One who came to earth to do the “mission impossible,” and He did the same because He was and is obedient unto Me as His Master and Lord. I am well pleased in Him and I desire for other sons and daughters to follow in His steps, dying to themselves to complete the mission that I desire for them to do in their earthly journey. Do not think it a strange thing when people will despise you if you are identified with My Son Jesus.

Those who hated Jesus hated Him because they hated Me and despised being obedient unto Me. Because of their hatred and vicious slander against Him, even many of those whom He had helped and done miracles for, turned against Him and wanted to see Him destroyed. The Jewish crowds shouted to have Him crucified, even after all of the miracles He had done in their midst. He had walked among them in all virtue and uprightness, calling them to repent as He performed miracles.

Quite obviously, they were vicious, untrustworthy and full of the venom and bitterness of the savage leaders who led them in such hatred and rebellion against Me. Know that I absolutely did not find pleasure in the religious leaders of those days, nor did I find joy in the common people who had received My mercies extended through My Son Jesus.

Because of their hard hearts, they did not give thanks and praise for My mercies extended to them. Instead, they wanted only to show that My Son was evil when He was not. In making such choices and acting out the same, they proved themselves to be totally unworthy and unthankful.

Know that because they could not bring themselves into obedience, they suffered because they were in allegiance with the damned, and the same proved to be the route of their eternal abode. Driven by demons and rebelling like hell against Me, they cheered on the Roman soldiers who were responsible for putting Jesus to death on the cross.

Because these ones were accomplices in the situation, I sent them to hell along with the religious leaders who had My Son killed as He was nailed to the cross with no way of escape. What a bitter tragedy it is when people stand in opposition to Me and think that they get by.

There is none who gets by on Me, and the ones who are imagining that they do are literally deceived by the demons that control their proud thoughts and motivate them to hatred for Me. I do not intend that My own people would settle into hatred when they could be living in the joy of My presence.

Be watchful and careful that you keep your hearts with diligence and obey My commands given to you through the Holy Spirit, as My people prove to be well pleasing unto Me rather than exhibiting the rebellion of this age. Be glad that you can serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude because I do not leave you nor do I forsake you, leaving you to the wicked spirits that want to take you into captivity.

Instead, it is Me the Living God who is ever available to any and all who will allow My Spirit to visit them and guide them forth in the way that I have provided and intended for them. Do not be taking yourselves down the road of destruction by allowing the evil spirits to lead you in the same. Rather, realize that you are daily involved in a serious war that will bring forth life or death. Those who fail to guard their minds and hearts will find themselves full of demons that convince them to depart from My way and to go after the foolery and the vanity of this age.

It is My intention that you would spend your days in gladness because you are privileged to believe in My Son, to follow the commands of My Spirit, and to recognize Me as your Father, the One who cares for you and wants you to be enabled to persistently walk uprightly.

Be thankful that you do not have to be covered in the filthiness of sin, nor do you have to be taken far from Me. Know that you are being led in the mercies that I have for you, as My Spirit brings you forth that you are uplifted and enabled to give Me thanks and praise. It is Me who desires you to be the victors and not victims.

Thank Me that through Me you are made triumphant because you are going forward in the truth. Remember that you are new creatures through your conversion to Jesus Christ, the Redeemer and Savior of all who will come to Him. Keep seeking My face and My counsel as you pour yourselves out in prayer. Do not stop praying according to the mind of My Spirit, and you will see that I hear and answer you in My goodness.