Demonic Inspiration Ends in Damnation

I speak to you this day and I declare that I have called you to walk in honesty with Me. While there are some who project that they are honest before men, they are not honest with Me. It is essential that you allow My Spirit to reveal to you those areas of your lives where you need to change your ways and your attitudes.

Realize that beyond that which is evident, there are many things that are not plainly shown to people. These are the purposes that I have for My people. I desire them to be serving Me in gladness and rejoicing, simply because they are trusting in Me and not in the circumstances in which they find themselves each day. Those who are trusting in their circumstances above Me are trusting in shifting sands, and the same are absolutely not steady.

When you let My Spirit search your hearts and will obey the commands and directives that are given to you through My Spirit, then you will make great progress in My way. However, if you do not want to be honest in your commitment to Me, you will find that you undergo many sorrows because you are not trusting in Me as the author and the finisher of your faith. This is why you need to settle it that it is Me that you must put first and be honest with.

Do not be as those who have chosen to live in the falsity and the vanity of their own imaginations and think that the same is what they need. When people are pretenders, they are living in a way that I do not ordain, nor do I respect. Those choosing to live in imaginary worlds, delusional concepts and lies, are covered by demons. Covered by such, they are taken far from reality and they end in deep despair and desolation.

Multitudes in these times are experiencing “identity crisis” because they have allowed themselves to be taken by demons into realms of pretension and delusion. As the demons have no respect for their victims, they will do all matter of mind twisting to them and distortion of what is real and what is false.

There are many among the young who have no concept that I exist, nor do they know My standards. They believe in whatever lies are pushed on them, and by the use of substances that alter their minds, they are taken into imaginary worlds that are hopeless.

The outlook for many is depressing, and increasing numbers are abandoning themselves to the bleakness that is ahead, with nothing more than suicide as their eventual goal. Consider how many are killing themselves in increasing numbers because of the lack of hope that covers them in defeat and despair.

As they are covered by hopelessness, many among the youth are joining the growing army of wanderers who are convinced that they are to do nothing but what they want to do. The sad truth is that pretension, delusion and illusion only take them and lead them nowhere, and there they remain. Then their lives are filled with uncleanness, futility, and permeating and devastating depression.

Their lives become meaningless, and the suicide among them is ever increasing by numbers more than most would imagine. Many of these identity crisis persons die, and their bodies are left to rot, as they have given up on life and no one even cares if they live or die. The end of living in such a way is not joy, nor is it peace. It is tragedy and sorrow, misery and madness, only to end in death and damnation.

Be thankful that you can be honest with Me, and that through that honesty you are kept in the straight and narrow way that I intend. You are not called to live for yourselves and to do what you want. You are intended to die to yourselves and to choose the life that I have ordained for you to live in.

Be thankful this day that as you are following Me, you are not taken down the road to destruction. Instead, you are uplifted and given My light on the path, for it is Me who does purpose you in the intentions that will take you onward in My desire and give to you the glorious presence found in Me. You will not be ruled by pretension and demonic intentions. You will be ruled by truth and divine guidance.

Thank Me that you are not deluded, nor are you found under the spell of demonic powers. Be glad that My way is actually straight and narrow, and that in the same you are living the life of reality, not fantasy.

Do not take up the lies that are promoted by the mediums of the media that would want you to believe in falsity and vanity. Far too many eat of the lies, then become liars, because they are covered by demonic delusion. As is being evidenced in these times, their end is bitter, and many of them die premature deaths that were brought about by their rebellious lifestyles.

Be thankful that you are given the instruction in righteousness and holiness through My Holy Spirit that is with you and in you. You do not need to end in the ditch of desolation with no way of escape. As you keep in the way that I do intend, you will find that hope is ever present because I am your rock of refuge and the One you look to.

Be glad that you are not purposed for delusional concepts; you are purposed for My intentions not only for you, but for My kingdom. Those who are living for Me and dying to themselves will find that joy is their cup rather than sorrow. They are in fellowship with Me, My Son and My Spirit as they desire the same. They are not left to wander in desolation and desperation, nor do they die in alienation. They are kept in the power of My presence.