Repent, or Rebel and Go to Hell

I speak to you this day and I say that I want My people to be at peace with Me as their Creator, their Father. In a world that is continually at war, I do not intend for My own people to be at war with Me. Rather, it is My intention that the ones who are Mine would walk in the cooperative peace that I have desired with the ones who are My children.

Do not underestimate the intentions that I have for My people, for they are good and glorious. When My people are in cooperation with My Spirit, they are being led in the way that I intend, and they are being given the abundant tender mercies found in Me. My people are meant to shine forth as lights in this dark world. In a rebellious and hopeless generation, My people are the representatives of a better nation, the nation wherein obedience and hope are ever present to those who are citizens of the same.

When I the Living God do commission you, I will give to you all that you need to come forth in My way. My purpose is for you to be partakers of My intentions as you are glad to be adhering to Me. Therefore, do not be reluctant to participate in the way that I give to you, for that way is purposed and planned by Me to benefit you and My kingdom.

There are so many in these times who are wandering in darkness and desolation of soul. Steeped as they are in the wanton sins and disgusting activities of their own iniquities, they have no hope. Of course, the demonic powers who rule them delight to see humanity in such conditions, as the same only increases the presence of evil.

Those who are brave enough to believe in My Son and follow in His steps will find that oftentimes they are rejected by the world and despised for the light they bear and the message they proclaim. I do not intend for you to be concerned with the opinions of the damned. I want you to continually look to Me as the One you are meant to please and obey.

Those who have turned aside from My commission and are doing as the world wants them to do are not true witnesses of My kingdom. This is because they want to be impressive to people and have lost their desire to be true to Me. Such as these have allowed themselves to be defiled and contaminated by the ways of the world and the opinions of the ungodly.

The ones who have turned to transgression become vessels of dishonor, disrespect, and disobedience towards Me. Such as these are a shame to My Name and are wretched in My sight. Under the flattery of the ungodly, they become more and more blatantly rebellious against Me, and flaunt their spiritual adulteries as though they were to be admired in the same. How foolish people become when they are not under My covering!

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude because you are being guided in the way, the plan, the purpose of My desire. If you consider the example of My Son Jesus, He did not come to an obedient generation. He came to a generation and a nation that was full of rebellion and wanton behaviors against Me. Being as He was, the light, as He proclaimed the call to repent, those who found Him the most offensive were the religious leaders, who were hypocrites and pretenders who wanted their own way and their own intentions.

Every place where Jesus proclaimed the message in public, the religious were there to stand in opposition and to plot his overthrow. Those who opposed Him wanted Him dead, as they thought if they had Him put to death then things would return as they were. Those leaders had no concern for My kingdom, nor did they have concern for Me. In fact, their hatred for My Son came from their hatred for Me.

Although they claimed to represent Me, they actually rebelled against Me, for their desires were to overthrow and destroy My Son and Myself, and take full control of the Jewish people. These religious were righteous in their own eyes, but their righteousness was proclaimed by themselves, for they were evil in My sight.

Those who are desiring to do good will welcome the call to repent and they will obey the same. Likewise, those whose desire is to continue in sin will rebel against the call to repentance and continue in the sinfulness that is their way of life. Be aware that the multitudes will continue in their evil doings and refuse repentance, because they love darkness and despise the light.

Thank Me that you are the children of light, and as you walk in that light, you are exposing darkness. Those who are in such darkness do not, for the most part, want their deeds exposed, for they think that their evils are hidden. Fools they are, for My eyes see all, and I know the hearts of all peoples on this earth. When I send My Spirit to convict people of their sins, it is that they would accept the conviction and desire to change their ways.

Not all who are in darkness want to stay there. Some of them literally want to change and be cleansed of the filthiness of their sins. For these ones you must continue to labor and put forth the call to repent and come to Jesus as the Savior of souls. It is a great privilege to be messengers of hope and bearers of light to a hopeless, sin-sick world.

Do not despise being rejected and despised. Realize that as you are willing to bear reproach for righteousness, so will you be rewarded by Me. Be glad that you can proclaim the truth that is given to free those bound in sin and despair.