Rebellion Keeps Multitudes in Carnal Mind Captivity

I speak to all who have an ear to hear, and I say clearly that I do not call any one to be crimped and cramped by the self-inflicted captivity of their own minds. No, I have intended that people would come to My Son, the Savior, and repent of their sins and be born into the kingdom where men, women and children are set free from the chains around their minds and lives. I never have wanted people to be bound as they are in these times. Yet, because they have given themselves wholeheartedly to rebellion, they are bound and kept in slavery to demons.

Those who have heard the call of My Spirit to come unto Jesus, as they have obeyed have been liberated from the former lifestyle. As new creatures, they are being freed from the oppression and darkness of their own carnal minds the more that they yield and learn to follow the mind of My Spirit. I do not expect that My people would “find their own way.” I intend and make provision for them to be guided forth under the mind of My Spirit and ever uplifted in the same.

When people are saved through repentance unto Jesus and come into My fold, it is purposed for them to be under the mind of My Spirit, and by and through the same, guided forth each day. Be glad that you can indeed be coming forth each day in the purpose and the plan that I have for you as My Spirit guides you forth in liberation.

Take a good look at the multitudes who are literally insane and wandering from place to place. These are bound in their minds by demonic powers from which they cannot escape. While they are still able to roam, they cause havoc and oftentimes erupt in violence if the demons so prompt them to the same.

Throughout the nation, there are multitudes who are in such conditions and unable to assist themselves or even provide for their own basic needs. Such as these are the consequence of self-inflicted captivity, motivated by deep and dark rebellion against Me.

Know of a surety that without My covering, men, women and children are led in the ways of destruction by demonic forces, whose goal is to steal, kill and destroy. Such spirits are greedily grabbing up those who have been foolish or blinded by the god of this world. As captives, they become a part of the vast army of wanderers who are bound in hopeless despair. Some are in the ranks of the insane and are highly unstable.

The tragedy of such captivity as these ones are in, is that they are people who were originally created to serve Me and to be kept by My covering over them. However, because of their own choices and the influences over their lives, they have become slaves of demons. They live under the confusion and darkness that is their lot because of their disobedience to the standards that I do intend for them to walk by.

Be aware that the shape that so many of these are in is sadness to Me because I do not find joy in seeing people destroyed. My Son is ever available to any and all who will hear His call to “Come” and obey the same. The standard that I require of My people is obedience, and those who will walk in that standard will be given the blessedness that I have in preparation.

It is My desire to give goodness unto all. Yet there are multitudes who will never receive that goodness because they do not want My mercies, nor My blessing in their lives. Those who are choosing life will live in abundance of mercy and be partakers of the truth each day. Those who are choosing to believe in the lies of their own carnality will suffer acutely for the same.

Thank Me this day that you’ve been freed from the chains of your own carnality. Each day, be in the attitude of gratitude because you are no longer in slavery nor captivity to the chains of darkness that once kept you bound. Do not forget that you too could be a slave to the dark and evil powers that swarm over people’s minds and take them down the road to their own destruction and damnation.

Whenever rebellion against Me would attempt to seduce you or your loved ones, do not sit passively by and allow the seduction. Rather, take up the aggressive action against the lies of rebellion. See for yourselves that it is important and imperative that you adhere to Me. Walk in the way that I do intend for you, and do so with gladness and rejoicing.

Do not sit idly by and be devoured by the powers that want to see you devastated and damned forever. Know that through the power that is yours as Christian believers, you can refuse, rebuke and refute the lying spirits that want to devour and destroy human lives and souls.

Rejoice this day that you do not have to be crimped, cramped and captivated by demonic powers. Rather, you are now a part of the army of the liberated who have been set free by their adherence to the standards of the new life they have received. Be glad that you are not insane by demon powers ruling over you. Thank Me that you are being ruled by the mind of My Spirit in the pathway wherein your soul prospers in Me.

When you really consider the abundance of tender mercies that I give to you each day, you will be humbled because you will see how ugly your life could have been without My Son’s saving you from your sins. Serve today and every day in gratitude because you are among the living and not the walking dead. Know that through obedience, the abundance of My life is yours!