Sin Is Senseless Pursuit

I speak to you this day and I command you to cease complaining, for you are blessed by Me. Stop and consider how fortunate you are to be redeemed from your sins, to be alive and alert in My Spirit, and to be led each day in the way that I have had and continue to have for you to walk in.

If you could see the countless multitudes who daily are hurled into hell, you would not take lightly the abundance of mercies that you receive each day through Me. It is a privilege to be born again of incorruptible seed, to walk with the Spirit guiding you forth each day in the course of My righteousness.

Do not forget how lost you really were when My Spirit called you to repentance before My Son Jesus and you came to Him as Savior and Lord. Be thankful and serve in gladness and rejoicing each day that you are not dead and damned, but rather you are redeemed and enabled to walk uprightly.

Sin is and always will be the treacherous trap that the devil and his demons use to ensnare and entangle multitudes, and by the same cause them to lose their souls. When you consider what a tragedy it is to lose your souls, you will not want to follow down the road to destruction and damnation, which is the highway to hell.

While people are blinded by the god of this world, they go headlong and headstrong. They go down deeper and deeper into the degradation and the abomination that curses them here on earth and seals them in damnation forever. It is absolutely senseless to pursue the course of sin, for the same leads to death and always will. There are no solutions to be found in sin. There is only emptiness and futility to be found in the same.

I do not want My people to be destroyed and damned forever. No, I want My people to be brought forth in the newness of life and to be thankful each day that they can receive hope in a hopeless, degenerate generation. Do not be deceived by the smooth words of those who are living in sin and seeking to contaminate others with the same.

You are living in times when endless multitudes have abandoned themselves to the uncleanness and perversity that cause them despair and depression. I do not intend you to be found in such a trap of emptiness; I intend you to be knowing the blessings that I provide to you, new every morning.

This day, be extra thankful to Me, for you have been in My divine love family for a long time and have seen with your own eyes many miracles, and have gone on many missions during your service unto Me. It is Me who has kept you alive and alert. It is Me who will continue to keep you in the purpose that I have for you on this earth.

Be glad to serve Me in the attitude of gratitude rather than giving way to the rebellion of this sin-ridden generation. There are many seductions in the broad way, by which those who deviate from My way to go in the broad way are deceived. There are ways that seem right to people, but those are not My way. Those who are deviating try to pervert the truth in order to cover their own sins, and think that they “get by” with the same. They do not get by; they only get more degraded.

It does you good to remember that it is Me that you serve and not the gods of the heathen, who are demonic forces. Although the land is full of the enchantment of the same, you are not intended to be ensnared nor entangled in such deceptions. Continue therefore steadfast in the way that is life.

Know that throughout the years ahead you will receive multiplied blessings, for I will give them to you, and in the same you can be uplifted and rejoicing. Be glad that you are not intended to be devoured; you are intended to be ever uplifted and enabled to rejoice each day, for I am with you, and you can count on Me as your keeper.

As you reflect on the mercies you have received, realize that you did not deserve what has been given to you. Yet, because you turned to My Son in your misery and repented of your sins, you have become a child of divine mercy. It is by those mercies that you’ve been adopted into the divine family of love, wherein I make My abode.

There are countless multitudes who search for love, yet they never find it because they are searching in the broad way that leads to their destruction. How many flip from partner to partner, thinking that the next person will be the one who is able to fulfill their cry for love? The truth is that they never find true and lasting love, because they are looking in the cesspool of sin rather than in the way that is My life eternal.

When people are looking for that which is pure in the midst of filthiness and immorality, they will not find it. They only grow more embittered and harder of heart, as they find absolutely no satisfaction. Some even go so far as to blame Me that they are in the emptiness that is their lives. They somehow imagine that I am to blame for the same. How can I be to blame when they are the ones who have chosen the course of their own despair and death?

Realize this day that you are not to complain but to give thanks and praise because you have much to thank Me for. It is My intention that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the blessed mercies that I give can only be found through Me. My Spirit leads you forth in the way that causes you to continue in the life way rather than the death way. There is much more that I have for you to do and receive as My true and trusted here on earth!