God’s People Are Not Ruled by the Times

I speak to you this day and I declare that it is Me that you can run into and be safe. The times that you are in are indeed perilous times, and people are loving themselves with great enthusiasm as they are rebelling against Me. I do not intend for you to be ruled by the times; I intend you to be ruled by Me as the One who is your Master, your Maker, your God. Be thankful that you can find your refuge in Me and that you do not need to be straining continually to find hope in a hopeless world.

While evil is abounding, multitudes are abandoning themselves to the same. They are living as though there is no tomorrow, and indulging themselves to the many sins and lusts that are so prevalent in these times. I do not call you to such a place of degradation. Rather, I call you to be uplifted in the joy of your salvation.

You are not intended to take up the dreariness and the weariness that is the consequence of sin. Take up the mercies that I have for you, that are new every morning. Be glad to believe in Me, to receive of Me, and to know that I am the One who is caring for you.

Because of the continual choices of men and women to dive headlong into sin, they are driven down into degradation to such an extent that they did not imagine themselves capable of. However, when demons rule over men and women, then it is evident that they are being corrupted more and more. This is because they opened the door to demons, and the same have rushed in by the multitudes and will remain.

The only way to see the demonic slaves set free is through divine deliverance. Yet, because people are desiring the deeds of iniquity, few seek to be set free. It is a shame when men and women would rather dwell with demons than with Me. Know that I am the Almighty, and it is My intention that those who love Me would come forth in Me each day, not looking for righteousness in a wicked world.

Do not expect to find goodness in people who are far from Me. They are not good. They are full of darkness, they are full of wickedness, because they are ruled by demons. That has never been My intention for people, because the same is destruction. My intention is that men, women and children would choose My way and be guided by My Spirit in the same.

Yet, most do not care about My way nor My intention as they are literally loving the sins they are giving themselves unto. Sin is, was, and always will be, the deadly killer. Those who are dumb enough to choose sin above righteousness are giving themselves up to be killed and to be cast into hell forever. Know that those who choose to go in such a route are accountable for their choices against Me.

I do not take it lightly when men, women and children have chosen to transgress against Me and deviate from My standards of conduct to the extent that they are vile in My sight. Because of their choices, I choose to release My wrath, fury and indignation upon them to greater degrees than I have to this point.

However, the ones who are serving Me will be kept in the power of My presence and uplifted in the joy that I alone do give to them. Thank Me even today that you can be uplifted, directed, and guided forth by a plain path each and every day. Do not be wearied in well doing. Rather, be rejoicing that you can come forth knowing that it is by My Spirit’s directives that you are given the pathway of hope, faith, and trust in Me.

Be glad to serve Me in the attitude of gratitude, for I am your life. You will not find life in sin, nor will you find life in the world’s ways. There are many liars and cheats who are declaring in falsehood that My people are meant to go in the way of transgressors. Such as these are emissaries of the kingdom of destruction, death and damnation. Do not believe them, nor make allegiances with them, for they are devouring demons sent to devastate and destroy.

Keep your vision single unto Me, for I am the One who cares for you, and I am the One who will uplift you as you go forth in the reality of My mercies time and again. Be ever more glad to be restored to Me, for I do not forsake you, nor do I abandon you to the absolute corruption that is present in these times. It is a good thing to know that you can run into Me and be kept every day in the divine way.

Do not think that the world has refuge for My people. It does not. The only refuge that is real is found in Me. Those who are seeking for refuge in the world are literally seeking for the troubles multiplied that will come upon them and cause them sore distress and dismay.

Be glad even now that you can be brought forth by a plain path and guided by My Spirit each day. Realize what a privilege it is to be guided by the Holy Spirit rather than the demon spirits that hold vast multitudes in captivity and slavery.

Be watchful and mindful of what you choose. You are not intended to choose darkness; you are intended to choose the light, the love, and the life that are found in My kingdom. My kingdom is eternal and above all the nations of the world. I reign supreme.

You are called to be supreme because My kingdom is truth. It is the superior, supreme way. Be thankful, My people, that despite how the wicked attempt to undermine and ruin, in Me you are kept and brought forth no matter the times.