The World Will Not Get Better

I speak to you this day and I say: Do not expect that the world is going to “get better.” It is not. Because of the undeniable increase of sin and sinners, multitudes are being swept away into the sea of iniquity. Inasmuch as multitudes are choosing to rebel against My standards and dictates, I must increase the imprint of My judgments against them.

Do not expect that men can stay the plagues that I am bringing. They will not be able to do so, no matter how hard they try. This is because there is so much rebellion against Me that men are not capable of overcoming the plagues that I send upon them for their total violations of My intentions for their lives. Many will die of the plagues that are to be released, which are in addition to the ones that are already present.

The best and only true way to withstand the power of the plagues is to be submitted to Me and safe and secure under My covering. It is not by the wearing of masks that men, women and children are saved! It is not through the endless vaccines invented by scientists that they are kept in safety. Know that it is only in Me and under the covering that I offer that people are kept in the safety that I alone give to them each day.

Be thankful that I am the One you serve in the attitude of gratitude each day, and that by the power of My presence you have been and will be kept. I do not intend that My people would be plagued and by those plagues, overwhelmed and destroyed. It is My intention that My people walk uprightly and look to Me as the lasting resource provided for them to be guided by each and every day.

Therefore, in this wicked generation, do not be led into the enchantments of the world and imagine that there is something there for you. There is nothing in the world that can satisfy, and those who are adhering to the world will be devoured by the world. As I have said, and I will repeat it, the world is not going to get better, because people are not repenting of their sins. Instead, they are only waxing bolder and more rebellious in the same.

It is an absolute grief to Me when My people take up the wild and wanton ways of the world, only to be devoured by the same. My people are likened to sheep because they are meant to have shepherds over them who will guide them in the way wherein they are kept from the dangers that lurk all around. Sad to say, however, there are far and few in these times who are true shepherds. Most have gone a whoring after the world, indulging themselves in the broad way and all of the deceptions found in the same.

Then, wise in their own conceits, they pursue the vanities and vexations of the world and lead My people into the same. My people abandon the straight and narrow way that I intend, and follow their adulterous shepherds right into the traps and transgressions of sin. Then all are content to justify their behaviors, and throw stones at any and all who would stand for Me in the way that I intend.

The biggest opposition to My true people has always come through the religious establishments who have been guilty for centuries of stoning the prophets and having blood of the martyrs on their hands. The reason for the opposition to the truth is because people love darkness more than the light because their deeds are evil. Evil is committed by the false shepherds as well as the ones who claim to be My people, yet are trapped and ensnared in the iniquity of their own choosing.

I do not want you to be trapped and ensnared; I want you to be kept under My protective covering and brought forth, daily guided by My Spirit. Therefore, be attentive to the directives you receive through My Spirit, that you will obey the same and be uplifted in the power of My presence, because I am caring for you. Do not be as those who deviate from My way and are taken down into the many plagues that are released and increased.

Plagues entail more than physical affliction. Look at the plague of homeless wanderers who have given themselves completely over to debauchery and destruction. Likewise, consider the plagues of civil unrest, violence, and political upheavals, and wicked rulers who have the agendas of death prepared. Additionally, multitudes are uncontrollably bound in addictions and perverse behaviors. The rate of murder and attempted murders in some places is outrageous.

Violence is rendered by law enforcement against the citizens to the point where many are killed by police who have been trained in the art of murder in the line of duty. Domestic violence, single parent families, poverty and homelessness are widespread. All the while, the mediums of the media continue to entice the unsuspecting into the web of fear control they have spun over the populace.

The world is not going to get better, as people are rebelling like hellions against Me and the way that would give them life. In their choices against Me, they are choosing their own destruction as well as their own devastation, emptiness and futility. Be thankful unto Me that you do not have to choose such a course. You can be choosing My way and partaking of the goodness of the same.

Know that the only way that people will see their existence get better is by choosing to repent and return to right standing with Me by turning to My Son Jesus Christ and coming into My fold, which is better!