Resist Rebellion

I speak to you this day and I will declare it fully unto you that I do not call you to be in rebellion against Me. Rather, I call you to be in the pursuit of what it is that I desire for you. Those who give themselves to rebellious spirits are giving themselves to demons. The agenda of demons is to kill, steal and destroy any and all who yield to their overshadowing and commands. Truly, rebellion is a rocky road that will lead to destruction and despair. When any chooses to rebel against Me, they are basically choosing to go to hell.

I do not find any joy in those who have chosen the way of rebellion and in all of their antics prove themselves to be ultimate fools. How can a pot dictate to the potter how it should be shaped or brought forth? It cannot. So it is, that humans are not meant to dictate to Me regarding My will and purpose for them. They are meant to be conformed to My desire as they are brought forth by My hand and not their own.

However, because you are living in times of intoxicating pride and deception, multitudes are taking “control of their lives.” The sad reality is that while they believe themselves to be in control of their lives, they are in reality being controlled by demon forces, and the same will cause them multiplied sorrows and deadly snares.

I do not intend you to be as such ones, for they have been blinded by the god of this world. When you are choosing the way of submission unto Me, you are choosing the good way that is purposed for you. My Spirit has been given to you that you would obey the commands of the same and come forth knowing that through Me you are given the hope that only I can bring.

Therefore, be realizing how important it is that you keep attentive to Me, and do not deviate into the way of the damned, wherein multitudes have lost their souls to the bitterness of self-destruction through rebellion against Me.

Know that each and every day I the Living God have fresh mercies provided for you. As you will serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, you will find that I am enabled to give to you all that you need, and that by the same you are uplifted, strengthened and brought forth. It is not within My intention that you would be bound in the captivity of your own choosing. It is My intention that you would be brought forth and guided in the way of all truth, which is why My Spirit is daily with you and in you.

There is no reason to end in the ditch of rebellion against Me and sink in the mire of the same. You must stay alert to the warnings and the danger-ahead signs that are given to you that you do not allow yourselves to be led into the ways of the world and take up the deceptions of the same. Instead, be glad that through Me you are uplifted, guided and brought forth by a plain path, and given the hope that is yours as you trust in Me.

Do not allow yourselves to think that the ways of the world are better than My ways. They are not. The ways of the world are full of all manner of deception and rebellion. Those who get eyes full of adultery for the world will find themselves in the entanglements of the same and overwhelmed.

As My people, keep your vision upon Me. Do not be giving way to those enticements and seductions that are ever awaiting those who are ignoring the warning signals given to them by the Spirit. When you feel yourselves being swept up in deceptions, turn back to Me in repentance and you will be restored to right standing.

The reality of life in Me is that the devil and his forces are constantly attempting to take you far from Me and into the way that will prove to be overwhelming and destroying unto your soul. Why should you follow after the enticements of those spirits whose only desire is to see you destroyed and damned forever?

Refuse, refute and rebuke the rebellion demons that want to grab hold of you. Do not ever go to sleep and think that in the same you will find peace; not when there are enemies plotting against you. Instead, stay attentive and alert to the directives of My Spirit that you will be kept in the straight and narrow way that is given for you to walk and live in.

Those who have turned aside to the broad way, have literally given themselves over to the ugliness of their own choices against Me. Do not go in the broad way even for a season, for the same will prove to be poisonous to your relationship unto Me. It has been and will continue to be My intention that you walk uprightly in the way that I desire for you. As you are adhering to Me, you find the mercies I give are given because I love you and want you as a part of My fold.

There is no deception in My intentions for My people, for My way and My desires for them are for eternal life in heaven. Therefore, you do not have to be afraid when you are in submission to the Spirit’s directives and commands given to you. As you are releasing yourselves more and more to My will, then you will find that you are living in the better way than the old way of carnality.

You are called to be uplifted and directed in My spirit as you are being instructed in the principles of life in the spiritual dimensions rather than merely living in the carnal realm. Be serving in gratitude each day that you have been given the opportunity to live rather than die in rebellion.