Through God You Can Be Courageous, Not Cowardly

I speak to you this day and I say that I have intended that My people would be full of divine courage rather than carnal cowardice. As My people are willing to receive courage, so do I give to them. When I commanded My servant Joshua in the days of old, I desired him to let the divine courage that I provide enter into him and remain, that he could accomplish the mission that I had given him to do.

So it is, that I do not intend that My people would be full of fear and turn back as did the tribe of Ephraim in the day of battle. I intend that My people would be fully equipped and prepared for all that is ahead of them, because they are keeping stayed upon Me. Be aware, I do not withhold from My people anything that they need to continue steadfast in the way that I intend for them. I provide for My people continually, and whenever they are called to a task, it is Me who gives them all they need to accomplish such a task.

Therefore, when you hear the ones who declare that the purpose I have for them is too hard, realize this: They have stopped looking to Me, and are looking to the circumstances rather than keeping their vision on Me. I do not ask anything of My people that they cannot accomplish, as they have My Spirit continually with them, and by the same they are uplifted and enabled to do as I intend.

So often, those who have not fully abandoned themselves to Me are full of fear, doubt and unbelief. Because of their own conditions, they look for excuses to back out of My intentions for them. As they do so, they prove themselves to be unwise, and obviously not good servants.

If they do not come to the revelation of their utter need of Me, they will continue to find reasons why they are not found established in My way. Such a course will take them down to the devastation that awaits all who depart from My way. Realize that when fear is the stronghold of anyone’s life, they cannot bear up, nor will they be courageous in obedience to My plan for them.

Consider that the first generation out of Egypt, motivated by fear, did not move according to My intentions. Rather, they believed in the power of the giants in the land more than they believed in Me. The consequence was that they remained in the wilderness for forty long years, where they died off due to their own unbelief. They did not enter the Land of Promise that I had prepared for them.

So it is, that fear is a crippler, and when any people believes in the power of fear above faith in Me, they are considered fools in My sight. This is because they are attributing more power to their enemies than they are to Me. Consider how offensive this is to Me, for I am the omnipresent, all powerful God, who remains above and beyond all the powers of men and demons.

Do not allow such fears as crippled them to cripple you. As My true ones, be willing each day to walk in the power that I alone do provide to you, and be ever thankful for the same. Indeed, you are privileged to look to Me as the source and the One who is able to give to you exactly what you have need of.

I told My servant Joshua to be courageous and to do as I commanded him. This is because he gave a good report when he had spied out the land forty years prior. Therefore, because he believed in Me, he was able to receive the divine courage that I gave to him as he led the charge to enter the land and conquer the enemies who stood in the way.

As you know, he did not choose the enemies to conquer. He followed My Holy Spirit, and by the same knew the victories I intended him to have. Be thankful that you do not need to follow the foolery and the folly of those who have chosen their own understanding and imagine that in the same they are wise.

Realize that I test and try My people, and when I do it, is because I want them to come forth in courage and in the fortitude to keep on believing in Me rather than circumstances and situations. Be thankful even now that as you are looking to Me as the author and the finisher, you will see that I can and will supply you with divine courage that you can indeed prevail over all opposing forces.

The carnal mind in all believers is constantly at war with the mind of My Spirit, because the old nature wants to return to the place of rule and take over the lives of those who are Mine. However, you are born again of incorruptible seed, and in such a birth you are enabled to be uplifted, directed and guided forth by a plain path wherein you will have the peace that I give to those who are trusting themselves to Me.

Thank Me this day that I do give to you the bravado you need in all circumstances to remain true to Me and trusting yourselves to Me as the One who is indeed well able. When you consider the consequences of peoples’ choices against Me, be thankful that you can repeatedly choose Me as your Master and your God. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude because you are redeemed from the penalty of your sins and likewise set free from the prison house of fear.

When My people are confessing that it is Me that they love, yet they are forever walking in fear, they are sadly walking afar off from My intentions for their lives. Be thankful this day that you can be courageous and brave enough to stand for Me despite the giants in this land.