I speak unto you this day and I say that under My direction you will find the correction that you have need of. Those who pay heed to what My Spirit is telling them, will be able to repent when they are shown the error of their ways. To be enabled to repent is a good thing in these times of outlandish pride and love of self.

When you consider the arrogant and proud generation that you are in, be glad that through the guidance of My Holy Spirit you are guided in humility. It is actually a security and safety that keeps you from the clutches of pride and takes you onward despite your outward situations and circumstances.

Those who are seeing themselves as the ultimate, are seeing through the eyes of pride, and by the same their vision is self-centered and reflects the extreme self-love that drives them. How short-sighted are those who are locked in the shackles of pride and self-glorification, is evidenced by their conversation and their motivation. Everything that they do comes back to them as the central focus and reason for it all. I do not intend for them to be living in such a place of captivity and bondage. They choose the same.

Be serving Me each day in the humility mind of My Spirit, which leads you forth in the footsteps of Jesus as the pattern Son. You are intended to be servants, as I desire you to be such. You are not intended to be as the arrogant, proud, defiant ones who esteem themselves to be greater than they are. Be thankful unto Me that through My mercies you can continue steadfast in the purpose that I have for you, ever made glad to be redeemed from the penalty of your sins.

Know that those who I love, I also chastise that they come forth as true and not as the false who are deceived by demons and their own proud carnality. Be glad even this day that by the power that is found in Me and through Me, you can be uplifted and guided in the humility that I desire to see in My people. Do not exalt yourselves as though you are better than you are. Instead, be thankful that you can accept correction and receive the direction and instruction that I intend for you.

When you see the absolute miseries of those who live in the darkness of their own choosing, know that they are too proud to receive correction, and because of that, they are directed by demons and instructed in sin. I do not want you to be in bondage to sin, nor to reap in iniquity. I want you to know the power of forgiveness as you are corrected and guided forth.

Inasmuch as I am ever forgiving towards you, so are you to be forgiving towards one another. There is no reason to be full of animosity and bitterness towards others, and especially those who are your brothers and sisters in Me. As My divine family, you are to reflect how good it is to be living in the higher way that I ordain for you, and to be strengthened in the purpose, the will that I have for you.

There are many who fail to forgive, and because of that, they become hard and brittle and unable to move forth. They literally calcify in the choices they have made, and the result is that their hearts are far from Me. Be aware that I do not call you to calcify; I call you to come forth in the way that is well oiled by the Spirit which has been given to you. You are meant to be a people who are willing and ready to be corrected, directed and instructed in the kingdom way.

Those who are failing to practice forgiveness are literally bringing sorrow to themselves, and they are the ones who, in holding to bitterness, will reap the consequences of the same in their mortal bodies and minds. Those who are locked into pride are literally defending the death they are in, and refusing to forgive others because they resent any correction. Consider that if men and women do you wrong, they reap the sorrow of the same. Because they cannot forgive, they are not receiving forgiveness, nor do they even want it. They are preferring to be the ultimate power in themselves, and have no need of Me nor the principles of My kingdom.

Such as these do not realize how really short-sighted their interpretation of life really is. Living as they do, to please the god of self, they literally find no satisfaction nor peace. Promiscuous and wanton, they go from one god to another, and another. They want to rely on fleshly relationships as the answer to their extreme loneliness and desolation. However, such relationships are void of real love and lasting commitment.

Refusing correction, they do not receive true instruction. Instead, demons are their mentors and spirit guides. Thank Me that you do not need to be guided into the ditch of despair that awaits those who are in separation from Me. Rather, be glad that you can and will be guided forth by My Spirit, and kept in the humility mind of the same. Under My covering, you are able to be strengthened, uplifted, purposed and shown the power that I do intend for you to walk under. Do not take up the way of fools and think that through such foolery you are given light. No, you are given darkness and death.

Do not despise correction, but be thankful that you are loved enough to be regarded as those who are worthy of being shown the attention of the same. The wandering fools who are proud cannot be corrected. Therefore, they wander. The righteous receive correction, secure and safe in the same.