Is Your Determination for Salvation or Damnation?

I speak to you this day and I say: Remain determined to serve Me as the One you love. I am meant to be first in the lives of My people that they can receive the fullness of the blessings I have for them. I do not want My people to serve other gods and be found guilty of spiritual adultery before Me. Those who are determined to live for Me will be enabled to overcome the temptations that beset them, and stay true to Me.

The ones who fall into temptations because they lack determination will look for someone to blame for their choices. This is because they would rather blame someone else than face the fact that they have gone after other lovers and turned aside from Me. Because they are preferring their sins to My righteousness, they are determined to continue in the pathway of destruction. Even though I want them to repent, they refuse to do so.

This is because they have chosen the way to damnation and rejected the way of salvation. They did not determine themselves to complete their course in Me, yet they are very determined to go down the highway to hell. Such ones as these take the wrong turns, go the wrong direction, and are determined to get as far away from My standard as they can. They do not remain true to Me and overcome the struggles that beset them. Instead, they choose to collapse in the arms of sin, refusing to face the reality of their choices and the consequences of the same.

I do not intend for you to be in the number of those who are transgressors, having turned back from Me. The way of such ones is hard, and they are completely overwhelmed and taken down by their choices. Do not be as the double minded who are ever wavering, and by the same remaining open to infiltration by demonic forces that desire to see them dead and damned.

The agenda of the devil has never changed, and he will continually seek to kill all who have chosen to repent through My Son Jesus and to go forth in the new life they have received. Know that he has been a murderer and a liar from the beginning. He delights to see souls die without Jesus and be damned throughout eternity. Because of the inherent evil that is found in the wicked one and his demonic forces, do not give yourselves to any of their invitations. All of the invitations of the evil ones will end those who accept the same in destruction and the damnation of their souls.

This day and every day, set your determination for Me and the purpose I have for you. Be alert to the tactics and strategies of the wicked, that you are not overwhelmed nor taken by surprise in one of their many attacks against you. Know that if you will remain determined to complete the purpose, the mission that I have for you, then you are at peace in your souls, even though you may be involved in the spiritual warfare of resistance.

Thank Me that I put before you the choice as to who you will choose to follow. In the same, you can solidify your allegiance to Me and see how much I care for you, as I will bring you forth in the perfect way that I have intended. When My people are in determination for Me, they will not end in ruination and devastation.

If you take a good look at those whose lives are a heap of ruination and devastation, why is it so? It is because they have chosen to self-destruct, and in the same they are left desolate in their souls. They will pursue the course of seeking satisfaction, yet they will not find what they are seeking for, because they have chosen the wrong road to travel on. Instead of turning around and going back to the place where they made the wrong turn, they simply continue to travel on the wrong road, the highway to hell.

When they are admonished to turn off of the wrong way and return to the right way, they are determined to disobey. This is because they have become intoxicated on pride and are refusing to admit that they have made a mistake. Such determination they now are in is for the way of devastation, destruction and damnation. This is why pride is such an abomination. It will cause men and women to lose their souls, because they imagine their choices are right when they are wrong!

Do not yield to the drunkenness of pride, for the same will bring any who does to ruination and damnation. There are countless numbers who are in hell, who were uncontrollably proud and refused to repent of the same. Those who are espousing themselves to pride for their so-called causes, are doing so at the cost of their own souls. Thank Me that you do not have to go in the way of the damned, nor to believe them in their deceptions.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, because you have been redeemed from the penalty of your sins and given the right road to travel on. Determine within yourselves that you will stay on that right road and finish the purpose for your earthly pilgrimage.

Refuse to be enticed and seduced into spiritual adultery and the vileness of the same. Know of a surety that you are meant to love Me above all other loves. Do not choose people, places, or things above Me. Regard with diligence your determination to finish the race that is before you and gain the prize of eternal life in heaven.

When you are admonished by My Spirit, pay heed, and if you have veered off of the right road, turn around, repent, and get back on the way. Do not be as the proud who are determined for damnation. Be determined to follow in the way of salvation and restoration to Me.