Are You Dedicated to Life or Death?

I speak unto you this day and I say that I desire My people dedicated to Me, which means that they willingly set themselves apart to do My will and not their own. When My people choose the place of dedication unto Me, they are choosing to be devoted to Me as their Lord and Master.

There are some who having made vows of dedication unto Me, do not keep their vows. Instead, they get eyes full of adultery for the world’s ways. If they choose to follow such inclinations, they will end defiled, debauched and damned by their deviation from Me. Such are a grief and a shame to Me, for their choices are for death and not life.

As you are choosing Me, you are dedicated, devoted, and desired because you are in obedience to My will. I do find great pleasure in those who will not only make their vows unto Me, but will likewise keep their vows and come forth in the way that I have purposed for their lives. Such as these are well pleasing, because they are not merely talking; they are walking in what they have committed themselves unto.

Do not be hasty to turn to the world, for the same bears the sentence of death and damnation. There are no answers to be found in the wisdom of the world, for the wisest men and women of the world are fools before Me. This is because they are not walking according to divine wisdom. They are under the covering of the wicked one, and the conclusion they draw from their wisdom is carnal and can only end in the corruption of death.

Know for a surety that My true people are going to be led by My Spirit because they are dedicated, devoted, and desired by Me, and are well pleasing in the same. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude each day for the privilege you have to be redeemed from the prison house of slavery to sin. Realize that each day you are led forth by the indwelling Spirit, who guides you in My way and My purpose.

Inasmuch as Jesus was and still is dedicated to Me as His Father, He chose to honor Me during His earthly journey by exhibiting His obedience to My will and not His. Even after He ascended back to Me, He still pours Himself out in intercession for the ones who choose Me. Consider how wonderful it is to have My Son making intercession for you as He is very close to Me. Because He was and is obedient, He is the perfect pattern for those who want Me to follow after.

Because you are meant to be a people who worship Me in spirit and in truth, My Spirit is continually leading you onward in the truth. In fact, when you have followed the Spirit into the realm of all truth, then are you ready to be received into the heavenly kingdom wherein We make Our abode. By such entry, you are assured of the peace that I alone can give, and you are likewise enabled to live in the realms of My glory forever.

In comparison, those who have chosen to be defiled, debauched and damned, enter the agonies of hell when they have completed their course of rebellion against Me. Such ones as these have steadfastly resisted, refused and rejected the overshadowing conviction of My Spirit, as well as the call to repent and return to Me. These ones are covered in demonic madness, and because of the same, they are in the desolation of their choices for eternity. There will be no relief, nor end to the everlasting torments that burn upon them day and night.

It is indeed a tragedy when people are so short sighted that they choose the pleasures of sin for a season, only to pay throughout eternity for their foolish choices. Those who are pursuing their folly are fools, who oftentimes die prematurely because they have turned so wicked and vile. Then, as they end up forever in the company of the damned, they have no relief from the everlasting burning that is their torment in hell.

Be thankful that you do not need to end in hell, because through the obedience of My Son Jesus, as you cried out to Him, you were set free from the penalty of your sins and given the chance to live again. As you were renewed, you are being restored and able to be in communication and right standing with Me as your Father. Do not listen to the mockers and scoffers who would try to put you down because you are dedicated, devoted and desired. They prove repeatedly that they are full of deception and are destruction.

They are the ones who, so wise in their own conceits, will end in damnation and will find no way of escape from the same. Because they are conceited and convinced of their own greatness, they reject and refuse reproof, believing in their own twisted self-righteousness. Be aware that such ones are full of infection from the poisonous lies they have ingested, and love to spew out their defiled debaucheries on others to infect them.

Therefore, do not stay in the company of the damned, whereby you become infected by their diseased states of mind. I do not call you to be their victims; I call you to be victorious, because you are choosing to be dedicated, devoted and desired. Be thankful that if you are in the proximity of such ones, you do not have to believe their lies. Instead, you can keep yourselves clean and clear by keeping your vows to Me.

Thank Me that you are redeemed from sin and are being restored to the place of perfection in Me. So many are damned, and they love it so, till they face hell and the torments of their own choices and the consequences of the same.