Procrastination Is Insubordination

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Be aware of the tactics of the enemy forces, for they are many. The tactic of procrastination is one that is used against My people in order to put them in the classification of insubordination, so they will stubbornly resist obedience.

Be notified this day that you are moving into times when you will see many perish. This is because of yielding to the vanities of this age rather than the commands of My Holy Spirit. I do not want you to be among the number who perish because you were preoccupied with vanities rather than keeping alert and actively alive in My purpose and plan.

Therefore, keep ever attentive to the commands that are given to you daily by My Holy Spirit, for as you do, then you are guided forth by a plain path and given the light that you have need of. I do not intend that My people would imagine that they can put Me off and by the same be acceptable. When you are putting off that which I intend, you are causing yourself much sorrow, and actually inviting rebellion into your lives.

I have never intended that My people would find excuses for their disobedience to Me. Yet, if you let My Spirit examine you, and if you see the lives of others, does not procrastination bring insubordination upon you and others likewise?

As was clearly demonstrated in the ministry of My Son Jesus, He did not put off what He had to do, for He continued steadfast despite the many obstacles He faced in the same. Just the opposition and hatred against Him by the religious Jewish leaders were enough to cause Him to quit or slow down, and not continue. However, He did not draw back and delay. Rather, He steadfastly kept on doing as He was purposed to do.

So it is, that I the Living God desire the same of those who will be My disciples, that they do not hesitate and draw back, but rather continue steadfast and accomplish what I intend. Be thankful this day that as you follow in His steps, so are you given the strength to continue in courage and the fortitude that I provide. Be glad that you are not meant to be subject to those powers of darkness that would entice you to not do anything. Rather, you can be subject to the power of My Spirit.

Know of a surety that I do not intend My people to end as the first generation, who died in the wilderness because of their unwillingness to enter into the Land of Canaan. Because they allowed themselves to be motivated by fear rather than faith in Me, they died off in the wilderness in the forty year circle walk. Their lives were filled with the same mundane things every day, because they chose the same. They put off entering into the land, and by the same were considered rebels before Me.

However, I did not destroy them, inasmuch as I had brought them out of Egypt by the hand of My servant Moses. I provided for them, yet I did not find pleasure in them. Realize that they are the ones who chose to live in fear and unbelief, and the same became their prison camp. It was not I who put them in such a place. It was by their own choices that they were locked into the circumstance and there they remained.

Realize that I have the perfect timings for those who are desiring to follow hard after Me. I provide for them what they have need of as they obey My Spirit’s commands. My people are not meant to be locked into the prison camps of the stubborn. My people are meant to be going forward into the Land of Promises that I have for them.

Therefore, be aware that when it is My time, you are to obey the directives that are given to you. Do not be as so many who draw back from My intentions because they are giving way to the evil of unbelief in their hearts. Reality is that your carnal mind is the enemy of My intentions, and will always find reasons why you should procrastinate against My desire. Those who listen to their own carnal reasoning will be full of excuses, justifications and delays of their own making. In the summation of it all, they will miss out with Me, and they will be encamped in the prison houses of their own making.

I have called you to be a people of aggressive action who are in the condition and the mindset to obey whatever My Spirit directs them into. Consider that when I brought My people out of Egypt by the hand of Moses, they had been slaves for many generations, which means essentially that they did not have their own choices in what they could do. They were literally mentally crippled by the cruel bondage they had been in. However, also realize that had they not moved when the time came, they would have been more cruelly enslaved by the hand of the Pharaoh. Their lives would have increased in hardship, misery and oppression.

Sad to say, many of them, once they were out of Egypt, began to exercise their stagnate minds in rebellion rather than obedience to Moses. They found all manner of accusations to hurl against him and to undermine his leadership over them. The consequence of their insubordination was that many of them were stricken with death, and the rest walked in the same circle for forty years and died off in the wilderness.

The consequences of procrastination and insubordination are deadly. It is not where My people are intended to live. Serve and live in the attitude of gratitude each day, willing and ready to move with My Spirit and receive the promises in store.