Choose Righteousness to Live or Rebellion to Die

I speak to you this day and I say that it is true; My Son Jesus wearied in His journey. However, even though He had weariness, He did not give up in doing as I desired and required of Him. Consider that He walked every place that He went. He also poured Himself out for others much of the time. He taught His disciples as well as the crowds when they were gathered.

He did not fail to keep on at what He was meant to do, because He continued looking to Me for His strength. Even though My Son was young by years, He carried the anointing of the Holy Spirit, as the same had entered into Him at baptism, and by the Spirit, He was ever directed.

He faced continual opposition from the religious leaders of His day, who wanted Him dead. With all that He endured, He went to the cross in willingness to die for the sins of others. Be aware that He had many struggles, yet He kept on going, enduring and communing with Me, for it is Me that He looked to.

My people, consider that He was in right standing with Me because He was determined to do My will and not His own. Therefore, He was not overcome by the lust of the flesh, the temptation of earthly riches and gain, and the recognition and applause of humankind. Instead, He overcame the obstacles that were against Him, and He completed His course in obedience to My desire and purpose. Through His obedience, He opened the door for all to enter into repentance, and by the same, restoration to Me.

Recognize that to be in right standing with Me, those who are claiming to be My people must be trying to obey My will and purpose for their lives. It is imperative that My people follow after Me with gladness and thanksgiving, doing as I desire of them. When My people are determined to obey Me and living in consecration to Me, then they are righteous before Me.

Those who have eyes full of adultery for the world are thinking that their way and their desires are more important than Mine for their lives. However, because of their choices, they are considered unacceptable to Me. This is because they are choosing in opposition to My intention and My standard.

I do not find pleasure in those who are fully adhering to what they want rather than what I want. Because they are choosing to live in estrangement from Me, they are choosing the misery of the same. While men and women put on shows of false glamour, they are tormented by their own actions if they have known Me and departed.

Be thankful that you do not need to wear a masquerade mask and be full of pretension and falsity. Instead, you can be honest with Me and walk in the way that I have intended for you. It is a good thing to be enabled to serve Me with gladness and rejoicing each day, because I am the One who is ever present for you, and I hear you when you pray to Me.

Do not be as those who are a grief to Me because of their choices against Me and their continual misconduct. You are not called to be in misconduct; you are called to be in obedience to the commands of My Spirit, and ever glad to obey the same. Those who are obedient reap in the rewards that I have for them. The ones who choose to disobey Me and live in rebellion, are choosing the way of death and damnation.

My people are called to walk circumspectly, redeeming the time, for there are only so many years that people are to live on this earth. Because of their sins, many are taken in premature death, then hurled into hell, because they choose iniquity and sin above obedience to My standard of conduct. You are not intended to be hurled into hell; you are intended to be purposed, guided and directed forth by My Holy Spirit.

Be thankful today that you do not have to listen to and obey demon spirits, but you can obey My Spirit and be guided in the way that is eternal. It is a good thing to keep your vision single to Me and to come forth knowing that My purpose for you is eternal life in heaven, not hell. Those who are hell-bound by their own choices are foolish children, and they will suffer the agonies of the damned in this life and in the life to come.

It is stupid to choose for unrewarded sufferings in this life and then to face hell forever because of rebellion against Me. How much better to choose to adhere to My righteousness and be uplifted in joy repeatedly because you are well pleasing unto Me! Do not be as those who pride themselves on rebellion against Me. Be as those who are living in the powerful presence that I give to the obedient, and be thankful for the mercies of who I am.

Do not fail to remember that it is Me who is the way, the truth, and the life. As you walk in the way that I purpose, so do you know the abundance of goodness that I have intended and do give to you. I am the author and the finisher of your faith, and I am the One who cares for you continually. Realize that I am your Father, and you are to follow My Son as the first-born of many brothers and sisters. Likewise, My Holy Spirit is ever available for counsel, guidance and instruction in the way of righteousness and true holiness.

You are to be a devout people with your allegiance unto Us Three, for We are all One, and you are meant to be in Our presence. Be glad that you can be in the company of the redeemed rather than the company of the damned. Serve in the attitude of gratitude that you are not under the yoke of bondage as slaves to sin. Thank Me that you are freed to follow life!