Warrior Angels Are with God’s People

I speak to any and all who have an ear to hear, and I say that those who will take their refuge in Me will not be afraid. Rather, they will be made bold by the power of My presence, which means that when I am with a people, they can continue steadfast in the way that I have purposed, despite the many attacks they have undergone by and through the wicked.

The warfare that is transpiring in the spirit dimension is one that is ever present. All who keep purposed in Me will find that they are able to overcome as they are keeping their focus upon Me. I do not intend that My people would be looking to that which is attacking them, and grow fearful over the same. As My people, know that you are not meant to be faint and weak of fortitude. Rather, you are meant to be strong and courageous because you are trusting in Me.

Throughout the ages, My people have overcome enemies much stronger and greater in military might than themselves. Their ability to do so is the consequence of My Spirit being ever present with them and in them. Be giving the thanks to Me each day, for I do not withhold Myself from you, and when you need My help, I send to you the same.

Do not forget that I have legions of angels who are well able to do battle in the spirit dimension and are under divine command. Such angels are available to those who keep steadfast in their vision and purposes in Me. Keeping this in mind, realize that while you may not be of great numbers, through Me you are of great strength, for you have the armies of angels on your side. Be doing what I want you to do, and you will understand more and more that to be in Me is to be partaking of the victories that I will give to you each day.

Be glad that your lives are not spent in desolation and despair. Rather, they are to be spent in praise and rejoicing, for I am the way of eternal life. It is a good thing to keep clear and to be abiding in My presence, for the same is safety and sanity. There are multitudes in these times who have strayed out of My way, and by the same have lost not only their protection from the demonic powers, but they have lost their sanity.

When you see the many in these times who are literally insane, know that there are numbers of them who are in such a condition because of their choices against Me. Because they have chosen the folly of fools, their lives are full of the madness of the same. They are in slavery to demons and the dictates of such. Repeatedly, they follow the direction of demons, all to their own devastation and destruction.

Be thankful this day that you do not have to be insane, nor in the desolation that comes to deserters. Those who have abandoned My way will experience much despair and desolation because of their choices against Me. Consider that you are not at all intended to be in such a place. You are intended to be in the power of My presence daily, and walking in the clarity of My Holy Spirit mind. Continue therefore as a steadfast people, and be uplifted in the power of who I am. Give the thanks and the praise unto Me, for indeed you are being kept, uplifted, and ever guided in the way of divinely appointed victory as you prevail over the wicked.

Those who are in the numbers of the desolated deserters are taken out of the realms of divine power and glory into the dregs of demonic existence. In such lifestyles, they go down deeper and deeper into despondency and death, only to find themselves dreading each day. This is because they have chosen against Me rather than continuing forward, trusting in Me.

Keep serving in the attitude of gratitude, for you are indeed privileged to be guided in life rather than death. Over and over, I give to you exactly what you have need of, and I purpose you to know that you are in the company of the redeemed. As you keep association with the righteous rather than the wicked, so are you increased in your faith and confidence in Me. Therefore, do not be as the foolish who imagine that they can do as they please and that they will suffer no consequences from the same. However, they will suffer repeatedly for their choices against Me.

When men and women choose the way of evil, they are choosing for the very destruction of their own lives as well as the damnation of their souls. This is why it is so important that the ones who are Mine continue to choose for My kingdom rather than for the kingdoms of this world. The kingdoms of this world are ruled by the devil, and can only provide death and damnation as the ultimate rewards.

When you consider that I provide protection and safety to the ones who are ever adhering to Me, be glad that you have been enabled to serve Me and to know the redemptive mercies that are given to you through My Son Jesus. Therefore, do not hesitate to keep your purposes in Me and not in this world, which is full of darkness and despair.

Much of the sorrow of this present age is the consequence of forsaking the way that I have provided for people to live in. Because of the advancement of rebellion against Me, many have taken themselves down the rough, rocky road that will end them in the heaps of ruination. There they will rot and become more deteriorated as the consequence of their choices.

Continue to choose Me, for I am indeed the One who has purposed you to keep on advancing in My way, which is life.