Triumphant Thanksgiving

I speak to you this day and I say: Let this be a day of triumphant thanksgiving as you recall victories that I have given to you over and over. Yes, you have been a triumphant people through Me. As you continue steadfast, so shall you know the power and the victory that I give over and over. Thank Me that even though you have been sorely and savagely attacked, you are not dead, nor have you lost sight of Me and the commission I have given to you.

In these times of deep desolation, despair and depression, rejoice that you are able to rejoice and give praise unto Me. Be glad that you are serving Me and that I am ever present. How privileged you are in times of hopelessness and futility to have hope in Me as the One True God who gives to you all that you need. Be thankful that you are not wandering mindless, hopeless and homeless, because My Holy Spirit is ever with you to guide you forth by a plain path. As you receive the abundance of mercies that I alone provide to all who are focused on Me, be glad.

This day, honor Me with the triumphant thanksgiving that I intend for you to be giving to Me. Do not hesitate to praise Me, knowing that I am the One who is true, and that I will do for you exactly what I have purposed and that you will not lack. Abide in Me, and you will be partakers of the heavenly glories, for when you are with Me, then you will be able to receive the spiritual treasures I have in store.

Consider how futile it is to store up treasures here on earth. Be glad that you are enabled to be partaking of the infinite, endless treasures that I do provide to you each day. Those who put their trust in carnal riches will find themselves in total hysteria and despair when those riches fail them. They labor and labor to accumulate treasures on earth that pass away, and then, when they stand before Me, they have nothing! Yes, they shall howl and moan, and offer to buy Me off, all to no avail.

I did not intend for men and women to be centered on the carnal, for when they sow to the flesh, they are reaping in rottenness, and the putrid odor of the same is upon them. Do not sow to that which is emptiness. Rather, be intense on looking to gain the eternal treasures, the riches that none can steal from you or destroy. When you have seen the absolute wickedness of those who are of the evil one aimed at you to devastate you, then you can be thankful all the more that I give you victory over them. You are not defeated, nor are you brought to naught. Instead, you are being led forth in victory, and the enemies cannot in any way take what is stored in heaven.

Be alert and active to obey My commands to you, for the same are eternal and everlasting. Those who sow in obedience are well able to reap in joy, for the same I give to them. Indeed, be thankful that you are not of this world but you are of Me, and that I do not leave you in desolation and despair, nor are you mindless, hopeless and homeless. Rather, your minds are renewed by the washing of My Word, and your hearts are encouraged daily because I am with you and My Spirit ever directs and comforts you. Through faith in Me, you are given hope and encouraged daily. You are not homeless, for I make My abode with you.

Many changes are ahead for you. Do not dread those changes, but know that they are for the good and for My will in your lives. It is a good thing to keep ever steadily going onward in Me. Do not choose against Me; choose for Me, and see Me bring you into triumphant victory over all of the plots of the wicked to destroy you. Know that you will be enabled to continue in greater power than you have known in times past. Yes, I will release upon you the nuclear anointing of My Holy Spirit, and you will see miracles you never even imagined to be possible.

Serve Me in the attitude of gratitude and know the sweetness of My way. The way of the world is bitter, and those who are steeped in the same will find themselves cursed by the very world they have chosen above Me. I do not call you to the world; I call you to Me, for I desire you to be Mine. When a people are willing to bear the reproach that is associated with being true believers, then they are rewarded by Me. Those who bear up under the hatred of the world because they are loving My Son, are counted worthy and are given the abundance of goodness that I do have for all who trust that I am the One who is well able.

Do not give yourselves to complaints this day. Give yourselves over to Me, for I will not leave you, nor will I forsake you. I bring you forth in the blessedness, the mercy and the goodness to which there is no end. Therefore, know of a surety that you are growing in faith, hope and trust as you endure the trials that are before you and come forward in the way that is intended for you to walk in.

Do not be as those who have given up on Me because they deem the way too hard. Such fools as these are transgressors who will suffer the misery of their choices daily, and they will be taken down in the devastating darkness of the same. Not only do they suffer now; they suffer in hell forever, because they have chosen against My way.

Remember that Jesus Christ is the way that I have given for all to be redeemed and restored unto Me. This day, be appreciative for His willing sacrifice to see you saved. Let thanks be a constant way of life, and know that through the same, triumph is awaiting you.