Beastly or Beautiful – What Do You Want?

I speak to you this day and I say: Be ever giving thanks to Me, for I am the One who has given to you the many blessings that you receive each and every day. Know that the blessings that are given to you are the provision that I have for those who have purposed themselves for My kingdom and My will for their lives.

When My people are appreciative of all that I do for them, then they are kept in the strength, the power and the purpose that I do intend for them. Know that as you are willing to obey and live in Me, so are you ever directed, corrected and guided in the strength of who I am. It is not My intention that the ones who are Mine would be self-centered; it is intended that they would be God-centered.

As you are keeping your vision clearly on Me, you will be enabled to see that I am the One who loves you and who wants you to be with Me throughout eternity. Therefore, do not be quick to assume that what you want is more important than what I want for you. Remember that the carnal mind is in opposition to the mind of the Holy Spirit.

When you see the end of those who have sown to carnality, it is ugly, because they reap corruption. Those who sow to the Spirit shall through the same reap the way beautiful, because they are coming forth in that which is ever intended for them to walk by. Do not be deluded by your own carnality, for the end of the same is death and damnation of your souls.

When it is Me that you are loving to serve, I will bring you forth by a plain path and give to you all that you have need of to be kept in the perfect peace that you are meant to have in this life on earth. The more that you are adhering to My way, the more peace that you will have on this earth, and the more that you will comprehend My goodness towards you. It is true that each day you should arise in the attitude of gratitude, because you are privileged to be citizens of the higher kingdom wherein I abide.

Do not grow weary in well doing and think that you cannot continue in the same. Instead, continue to give Me thanks and praise each day, for I am the ever present God who will hear you as you are loving Me and exhibiting the praise and thanksgiving to Me that you are meant to give.

There are multitudes in these times who are destitute and left to the desolation of their choices. While they murmur and complain, their lives only become more desolate, because they have chosen the iniquity of their own ways rather than My way. Because they are under the direction of demons rather than Me, they go on and on into deeper despair and loneliness, not caring about anything except the very devices that are destroying them.

Know of a surety that I am the God who would give to them mercy if they would turn to Me. However, they go down and remain in the sludge and mire of their own making. Inasmuch as they have gone a whoring from Me, they are continually in subjectivity to the powers of destruction, death and damnation. Lacking in the ability to control themselves, they are controlled by demons and are under the directives of the same.

Be glad even today that you do not need to listen to demons. Rather, you can listen to the Holy Spirit, who has been given to you that you be directed in the truth rather than the lies that govern the world’s people. More than anything, remember that there is nothing that can separate you from My love, because it reaches beyond the barriers of men. Despite what men declare, you are Mine, and I am with you at all times. Be knowing of a surety that you are not alone in this sin-sick, cursed earth.

As you make it your practice and your habit to serve Me in thankfulness, you will know that to return to the former realms wherein you once made your habitation is not for you. Because it is Me that you are choosing, you will not be counted with the transgressors, whose way is hard.

Those that you see who are desolate and in the utter wretchedness of their willful choices against Me, are in such a state because they have desired to have their way. However, the way that they are in is the way of fools, and they are pleased to dwell there as they relish their sins with persistent appetite. Realize that the army of wanderers is a curse and a plague that is ever increasing in these times, because men, women and children have wandered from Me. The vast multitudes in the current times have chosen the beastly way rather than the beautiful way.

Rejoice that you are in My way, which is higher and beautiful, and that as you are choosing to abide in that way, you are blessed by My goodness and the mercies that I give to you in great abundance. As you learn to abide satisfied, so are you enabled to pursue the good things that are intended for you to think on and to do.

There are many who have chosen their own destruction in this life by the very fact that they are far from Me. Because they are far from Me, they are taken repeatedly into the death throes of the damned, and likewise spend their lives in the misery of their own choices. Make your choices for Me and not for the world nor the wickedness of the same.

I have allowed the curse of the wanderers to increase because of the transgressions of nations and peoples choices against Me. Be thankful that you can continue to choose Me and walk in the way of My continual goodness and mercy.