The Devil and Demons are Serial Killers

My people, do not lose confidence in Me, for I am the One True God who desires you to keep your focus upon Me. I am ever present and I give My attention to those who will desire to be uplifted, directed, and guided forth by a plain path. I have given freely of My Son and My Spirit, and those who serve in the attitude of gratitude will understand how fortunate they really are, because it is Me that they are serving with gladness.

When you go through the testing of your faith, realize clearly that it is Me who has given to you the Holy Spirit within you and around you. My Spirit will guide you in the way that is intended as you pay heed to His directions and commands to you. It is a privilege to be guided during the trials that you think will never end, and when those trials have run their course, you will be able to see in retrospect the many times you were uplifted and guided forth.

Do not imagine that none has suffered like you. Such an imagination is based on self-pity and does not come of My Spirit. Be alerted, self-pity is a terrifying and vile spirit that wants you to believe that you are being overwhelmed. Such accusations against Me are the subtle work of undermining spirits that are trying to erode your confidence in Me as the true and faithful God who is caring for you.

Know that I am indeed omnipresent, and there is no good thing that I withhold from you. Therefore, know that when you are crying out to Me as the One who loves you, then you are uplifted, as My Spirit does not withhold any good thing from you.

Those who have lost their confidence in Me are troubled by the same because they did not keep their covenants with Me and were by the same taken down into dread, doubt and unbelief. I do not intend that My people would be in such a place. I intend that My people would be glad each day, and through Me enabled to hope, trust and believe in Me as their rock of refuge.

Multitudes are estranged from Me because they went a whoring through self-pity demons infiltrating their minds and convincing them that those of the world are in a better place. How utterly foolish it is to believe such lies, for the same are the work of evil spirits. Those who are in estrangement are overwhelmed and devoured by the very evil spirits they chose to believe rather than trusting in My Spirit.

Be thankful this day that you are not meant to be a victim of the devil’s devices. You are privileged to be guided, directed and instructed by My Holy Spirit, for the Spirit shows you how much love, life and light are really available as you keep ever single and stayed on My way.

Realize that the devil has been a murderer from the beginning, and his demonic army are ever launching war against the ones who are Mine. Know that they, the devil and his demons, attack without mercy and are relentless in their bombardments. Therefore, be quick to turn a deaf ear to them, for they are basically useless before Me and are of no value at all. The mission of death is their goal, and they love seeing souls die and be damned forever.

If you really consider the ugliness of the motives of the powers of darkness, you will want no fellowship with them, for their iniquity is deep and their motivation is for death. Be glad today that you can turn a deaf ear to such forces and refuse their invitations to damnation. Repeatedly rejoice and give Me thanks and praise, for I do give to you the strength to continue steadfast in the way that is life. Shun demonic overtures given to you through self-pitying forces. Be glad to be uplifted in the newness of power that is available and does not leave you in desolation, despair and death.

As you are facing such forces as want you dead, do not play into their hands. Rather, be knowing of a surety that there is no way such weapons are meant to prosper. As you keep believing My Word and committing yourselves to the strength of the same, the enemies must depart. This is because you have chosen to be committed to Me, and by that commitment so are you able to resist, refuse and rebuke such lying forces and not be overwhelmed by them. Instead, you can literally put the forces of evil on the run as they become aware that you are not hosting them in their lies.

Remember, the devil is a serial killer, and he delights when he sends forth his demonic army on the mission of death to multitudes. Such demons do not know mercy, nor do they give the same. They are bloodthirsty and determined to kill, steal and destroy.

Be thankful that through the Holy Spirit’s giving to you discernment, you can avoid many death traps that the enemies have prepared for you. Instead, you can send the serial killer and his mercenaries into the very traps they have laid for you through demanding their curses to come back to them. Likewise, do not be trusting in the world’s ways, for they are death and destruction and want you devoured.

Be glad that you do not have to end in the world, but you can be strengthened as you are trusting in Me. More often than not, multitudes turn to the bitter fruit of the world because they are enticed into the broad way, and in the same lose their souls. Many choose lies because they are trusting the deceiver and actually want to sin more than walk uprightly. They do not find peace by their choices. They get the way of transgressors, and that way is hard. Refuse to be in any manner an accomplice to the serial killers. Serve in joy to be alive and in Me protected.